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How is matched betting different to other forms of betting?

Matched betting is very different to your standard betting techniques. In this article we’ll look at why this is and how we can benefit from no risk matched betting.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a risk free method of making money online benefitting from bookmakers promotions. In the last 10 years or so and since the arrival of the Internet, the betting industry has experienced a major shift. Most bookies have altered their focus to the digital sector and there are now bookies which operate solely online such as Bet365 and Betfair.

It’s taken time for punters to make the move amid concerns over payment and placing bets online. However, it all began snowballing 5 years ago. This led to hundreds of operators battling it out for the same business.

Enter the bonus culture of modern gambling.

With the competition so high, punters have far more options when it comes to placing bets. This makes it hard for bookies to acquire and retain customers. One of the ways they do this is by offering countless promotions to incentivise punters.

This is where matched betting comes in. We use a risk free betting method (more on this later) to profit from these bonuses. There are thousands of people across the UK and abroad who benefit from matched betting on a daily basis.

Matched betting technique

For each matched bet we place, we follow the same strategy. Once you’ve got the technique nailed, you’ll find matched betting incredibly easy.

What is a betting exchange?

Before we introduce the technique behind matched betting, we first need to look at what a betting exchange is.

Betting exchanges are a relatively new phenomena in the betting world. Founded in 2000 by Betfair, they’ve revolutionised the industry. They brought a whole new level of flexibility to the betting industry which caught the larger companies by surprise.

The main difference at a betting exchange is a punter can play the part of a traditional sportsbook. That means they can take bets as well as place them. So at a betting exchange, you can place a back bet and a lay bet.

Back and lay betting

We won’t go into the details of back and lay betting. We’ll save that for another article.

But in simple terms, a back bet is when you stake money on a certain outcome happening. A lay bet is the opposite of this. You stake money on an outcome NOT happening.

Check out our definitive guide to back and lay betting for more information.

How is matched betting different to other betting techniques?

So how is matched betting different from other forms of betting?

  • Matched betting is not gambling
  • You are guaranteed to win with matched betting
  • Matched betting is based on a proven formula

Let’s have a look at each one of these individually.

Matched betting is not gambling

Well for starters, matched betting is NOT gambling in the true sense of the word. Yes, we place bets but these bets are calculated using a proven mathematical formula to guarantee a profit regardless of the event outcome.

Normal betting, like a bet you’d place if you went down to your local high-street store, is based on chance. You don’t need me to tell you that…

With matched betting, we work out the exact outcome of our bets even before an event has started. In my view this is totally awesome.

How is matched betting risk free?

By using back and lay betting, matched betting is a risk free method of making money online. For every matched bet we complete, we place two bets. One back bet and one lay bet. Therefore our two bets cancel each other out. We then make a guaranteed profit from the free bet.

You are guaranteed to win with matched betting

Matched betting is the only betting technique I know of in which you are guaranteed to win. We work out the required bets to maximise our profit from the bookies promotions. As a guide, we aim to extract about 80% of a bookies free bet in cash. This is money that you can take home completely tax free.

Start matched betting and you can watch your favourite football team in the knowledge you’ll win. No more sitting anxiously hoping for another goal or praying for your horse to catch up.

Most of our members make about £500 every month with some more experienced matched bettors earning closer to £1000 each month. If you put the effort in, you’ll be rewarded.

Matched betting is based on a proven formula

As we mentioned above, we use a special betting technique called back and lay betting. This is a proven formula which has been used and tested thousands and thousands of times by matched bettors all around the world.

We know it works. Period.

The Sure Bettor didn’t invent matched betting, it’s been around for quite a while. We simply provide the resources and training to maximise your profit with this method.

Read this article for more information on the formula behind matched betting.


As you can see, matched betting is incredibly different to other forms of betting. We use a risk free method to guarantee ourselves a profit regardless of the event and its outcome. That couldn’t be more different to ‘normal’ betting.

At the end of the day, matched betting is not gambling. We follow a proven method to earn a great second income online risk and tax free.

Fancy getting started with matched betting? Here at The Sure Bettor, we offer a free trial with no strings attached. We know matched betting isn’t for everyone but we want to give you the opportunity to give it a go. You can even make up to £45 with this free trial.

We’ll see you on the inside very soon.

Happy matched betting