Can I Use Matched Betting Outside the UK?

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Matched Betting outside the UK

Matched betting is an awesome way to make money online and a technique that is gaining a lot of popularity. There are already 1000s of people using this method to make a second income in 2018. But can you use matched betting outside the UK and Ireland? This is one of the questions we get asked a lot so we thought we’d write an article on it.

Whether you’re abroad for work or pleasure, making money online is possibly one of the best feelings. Being a digital nomad is right up there in everyones wish list.

Using matched betting, there are a huge range of offers to take advantage of on a daily basis. The aim is to complete as many of these offers as possible. But what if you’re going on holiday or outside the UK or Ireland for some time? You don’t want to miss out on any opportunities to profit from matched betting offers!

Betting companies are governed by strict laws which vary massively from country to country. Therefore, some bookies allow customers to place bets outside the UK and Ireland and others do not.

Best bookies for matched betting abroad?

One way to maximise your profit whilst you’re abroad is to complete offers from bookies which allow customers to place bets outside the UK and Ireland. These are usually the larger betting companies, with a greater global reach.

After some research we’ve created a list of the 5 best bookies with the greatest coverage to use when you’re abroad:


Being the world’s largest online betting company with over 22 million customers, Bet365 are the first on our list. They have a betting license in over 40 countries worldwide which makes them a perfect choice for matched betting abroad. If Bet365 aren’t licensed in the country you’re in, no one will be. They also have a huge range of offers available which we can make a guaranteed profit from.


Betfair, the worlds leading betting exchange, are another truly international company. It’s legal to bet with them in over 40 countries worldwide however, we expect this to increase in the near future. It’s important to have a betting exchange on this list as it makes matched betting a possibility when abroad.

William Hill

William Hill are one of the biggest bookies in the UK and their services are available in over 70 nations across the world including Canada, Australia, Spain and Italy. They have regularly updated reload offers available which makes William Hill a perfect choice for matched betting when outside the UK or Ireland.


Coral are another worldwide betting company. They are based in Gibraltar which allows them to have a license in 24 countries. They also offer a huge range of free bets and promotions which are available on many different sports. Coral are a great option for any matched bettors looking to make money outside the UK and Ireland.


Founded in 2008, 888Sport have become one of the big players in the online betting industry in a relatively short space of time. Their platform is available to a large range of countries across the world including Canada and India. They promote some great offers which makes them well worth checking out.


Other bookies which are worth considering are Ladbrokes, PaddyPower, Betfred and BetVictor. All of these bookies are licensed in a wide range of countries and they all provide brilliant matched betting opportunities.

The laws governing gambling are very strict and are constantly changing from country to country. Therefore we advise you check with the specific bookie to make sure they allow betting from your location. If the bookie is not licensed in your country there are alternative methods we can use which we’ll look at below.

What about other bookies?

Some bookies do not have the global coverage of the previous examples, so how can you get around this?

The bookies check your location by looking at your IP address, a unique number that among other things gives off your physical location. It’s very similar to a normal postal address, just for the Internet. Every device that is connected to the Internet must have an IP address.

If your IP address does not come from the UK or Ireland then some bookies will not let you access their site. You’ll probably get a message that looks something like the one below. This is a Coral message I received when I tried to access my account from France:


So how can you get around this? Well, you can use a VPN to hide your actual location. We don’t recommend it but it is an option.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or virtual private network is a technology that lets you hide your IP address behind it’s own network and encrypts your connection to the Internet. These pieces of software are completely legal and work very well for matched betting.

Like everything there are free and premium versions available. The premium VPNs offer a higher level of security and a larger number of unique IP addresses. They also let you select the country you want to appear to be in. This is crucial for matched betting abroad as we need to pretend we’re in the UK/Ireland.

There will be a small monthly charge for a premium VPN, however, it’s definitely worth it if you want to continue making money outside the UK and Ireland. We’re not affiliated with any sites but I recommend you check out Surfeasy or ExpressVPN. I’ve used both of these VPNs to great success.

Are VPN’s allowed?

In short: Yes, you can use a VPN.

Using a VPN is completely legal. The grey area begins when you use a VPN to hide your actual IP address and ‘appear’ to be in the UK/Ireland when you’re actually not. As we’ve already mentioned this is against the terms and conditions for a number of bookies. Whether it’s illegal or not is questionable.

Can you get away with it?

Yes, you can get away with using a VPN if you invest in a premium version with a high level of encryption and security. However, we cannot recommend using a VPN to hide an IP address. It’s against the terms and conditions we accepted when we signed up to the bookie.

If the bookies catch you doing this then they are more than likely to block your account and they are well within their rights to forfeit any winnings you made using the VPN. This could severely damage your profitability.

We’ll leave the ultimate decision up to you, however, I recommend you leave the matched betting for when you’re back in home territory. There will always be more offers you can take advantage of but not if your account has been gubbed through using a VPN.

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