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US Betting Tips & Strategies

Since the abolishment of the PASPA Act, the betting industry in the US has taken off. As it stands there are 21 states which have legalized betting in some format.

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Legalized betting in the US

Betting in the US continues to grow as more and more states are introducing laws into legislation which allow for sorts betting in some format. Below, we’ve created a map showing the 21 states that have already legalized betting in some format.

Online betting in the US

Betting online in the United States is now legal on a federal level thanks to the abolishment of the PASPA Act back in 2018. Since then, various states have passed bills into law that allow for fully regulated sports betting including online and mobile wagering.

Betting exchanges in America

A betting exchange might be a new term to some of you. They’re essentially marketplaces for your betting. Instead of playing against the sportsbook, you play against other punters. An exchange is eBay for betting.

As it stands, New Jersey is the only state with access to a betting exchange. Betfair, the popular UK-based betting company has launched a beta version of its exchange which allows NJ residents to place wagers on horse racing events.

US betting FAQs

Can I bet on my mobile phone?

Betting on mobile devices is the easiest option for a lot of players. Whilst betting on mobile devices is not possible in all states, this is the future of betting in the US. Please check individual states for more information.