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No risk matched betting USA – How to make money online in 2018

By October 15, 2018Betting News
No risk matched betting USA - Make risk free cash online

No risk matched betting USA – Our definitive matched betting guide will explain everything you need to know about this no risk betting technique and how you can start making money online today.

So let’s get started…

No risk matched betting USA

Matched betting or double betting as it’s sometimes called is arguably the most popular method of making risk free cash online.

Since the abolishment of PASPA, many Americans are now considering no risk match betting in the US.

Check out my popular answer on Quora to this question on no risk matched betting USA:

Read Charles Hopewellanswer to Is matched betting legal in the United States and if so, how do I get started? on Quora

As you can see from the answer above, there are thousands of Americans interested in making some extra cash using no risk matched betting USA.

So what’s the rave about?

What is no risk matched betting?

What is no risk matched betting is one of the most frequent questions we get asked here at The Sure Bettor.

So, for those of you who are new to this concept, here’s a little introduction.

Matched betting takes advantage of bookmakers’ free bets and promotions.

Due to the fierce levels of competition in the betting industry, gaining and keeping new customers is a serious challenge faced by each betting company.

One way to entice customers is to offer them generous incentives and bonuses.

Here’s an example to help explain:

GT Bets sign up bonus - No risk matched betting USAGT Bets offer a combined 150% bonus on your first and second deposit.

The bookmakers actually lose money offering these promotions in the knowledge they’ll gain a few customers who they will profit from in the long run.

There are countless offers available each week making matched betting incredibly profitable.

How matched betting works

Matched betting is not gambling – there is no chance involved with this technique.

You’re probably thinking ‘how can you make money betting? This can’t be true’

But here’s why it is…

Individuals like me and those we teach at The Sure Bettor use a no risk betting technique called back and lay betting.

We place two opposite bets on the same event, taking out any chance involved with normal gambling.

These bets cancel each other out, meaning we end up where we started.

We use this method to trigger our bonus without risking any of our own money.

By repeating the same process above and using our bonus funds we can now make a guaranteed profit from this offer.

By using our matched betting calculator, we can work out the exact stakes to ensure we maximise our profit from the bonus.

Need some more information? Why not check out our matched betting for dummies article.

What about no risk matched betting in the USA?

So now you know a little more, let’s look at whether no risk match betting is a viable way for Americans to make money online.

First off, let’s look at the legality of matched betting in the US.

Is matched betting legal in the US?

Another popular question we get asked is whether matched betting is legal in the US.

As of 14th May 2018, sports betting is now legal in the US!

The Supreme Court concluded their ruling into sports betting on Monday 14th May 2018 by striking down the somewhat failed PASPA act of 1992 that banned all sports betting on a federal level.

Here’s what the Supreme Court said:

‘The legalisation of sports gambling requires an important policy choice, but the choice is not ours to make. Congress can regulate sports gambling directly, but if it elects not to do so, each state is free to act on its own.’

For individuals living in the USA, this now makes matched betting legal on a federal level at least.

It’s now up to specific states to make up their own legislation regarding sports betting and in what form it takes. Be that online, at horse racing tracks, in casinos etc.

In the wake of the decision, UK bookmaker values rose by over £1.5 billion!

This is great news for matched betting USA and the betting industry as a whole.

You’ll be glad to know matched betting in the USA is just around the corner…

Live in the US? You’ll soon be able make money online with no risk matched betting USA. For more information, you can sign up for free to hear all the latest news on US betting.

We’ve put together a list of all the states in the US that have either already legalised sports betting or are just around the corner from doing so.

If you live in one of these states, you’ll soon be able to make money from matched betting USA…

States where sports betting is already legal

1. Nevada

Being one of the first states to legalise sports betting back in 1949, you’d expect Nevada to be on this list. Other states in the US are now looking to Nevada for best practices in terms of regulation etc.

Here is a list of just some of the sports betting apps you can currently use in Nevada:

  • William Hill
  • Wynn Sports
  • B-Connected Sports
  • PlayMGM
  • NV Sports

In terms of matched betting, there are currently limited offers available from the various sportsbooks, however, this will undoubtedly change in the near future.

2. Delaware

Since the abolishment of the PASPA act, Delaware has started to offer single-game betting at its three casinos:

  • Delaware Park Casino
  • Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
  • Harrington Raceway & Casino

As of October 2018, the law only permits sports betting in physical locations. However, state officials are considering legislation that would allow for online sports betting in Delaware.

When this has happened, matched betting in Delaware can really take off.

3. New Jersey

The first sports bets in New Jersey were taken at a William Hill shop on June 14 2018, just three days after Gov. Phil Murphy signed the bill legalising sports betting.

Other sportsbooks were quick to follow in their footsteps both in physical shops and online.

Here is a list of online sports betting sites that you can use for matched betting in Nevada:

  • William Hill
  • 888Sport
  • BetStars
  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • PlayMGM
  • Caesars
  • SugarHouse

Whilst not every sportsbook is currently offering a sign up promotion, I doubt it will be long before they do.

There are plans for New Jersey to take over the No.1 spot from Nevada in the coming months and matched bettors across the state are ready to take advantage.

4. Mississippi

A little later than the states mentioned above, Mississippi took their first sports bets through two casinos, Beau Rivage and Gold Strike in August 2018. Other casinos were quick to open their doors before the football season kicked off.

Currently sports betting must take place in-person, however, there are plans to implement online and mobile betting in the near future.

Hold tight if you’re considering matched betting in Mississippi.

5. West Virginia

West Virginia officially became the fifth state to legalise sports betting in the USA.

Regulators in WV announced plans to ‘be up and running by football season,’ a goal they ultimately met.

Hollywood Casino at Charles Town were the first to take legal sports bets. They were quickly followed by other casinos in the state.

WV sportsbooks took nearly $3.4 million in wagers in the first three weeks after legalising sports betting, showing how lucrative this industry is set to be.

There is little doubt, online and mobile sports betting is just around the corner.

Matched betting in West Virginia is very close…

States just around the corner

1. Pennsylvania

In October 2017, a new bill was signed that would legalise sports betting “by any system or method,” be that in person, online or on a mobile device. Now the PASPA act has been dissolved, the state can continue its plans to implement sports betting on a wider scale.

Currently there are no companies offering sports betting due to pending regulations.

I expect this to change in the coming months and matched betting will then be a possibility in Pennsylvania.

3. Rhode Island

On June 22, 2018, Rhode Island signed a new state law that allowed for sports betting at the following two locations:

  • Twin River Casino
  • Tiverton

These casinos were both looking for an October launch however, that has been slightly delayed meaning November is now more likely.

Current legislation permits mobile betting through apps only when bettors are located within the two casinos mentioned above.

I doubt it will be long before this changes – Individuals will be unwilling to travel just to place one or two bets.

4. New York

New York has been waiting for five years for the PASPA act to be struck down. They passed a bill back in 2013 that would allow the following four locations to accept sports bets:

  • Resorts World Catskills
  • Del Lago
  • Tioga Downs
  • Rivers Casino & Resort

Plans have somewhat stalled in New York, however, the Gambling Commission are likely to finalise the bill by Christmas 2018.

However, full-scale sports betting will have to wait another year as the legislation in June 2018 failed.

Here’s what Charlie Degliomini, executive vice president for Empire Resorts, said:

“I think New York is being deliberative, and that’s a good thing, But there is a competitive advantage being realized by the neighboring states, no question. We’d certainly love for the gaming commission to determine the rules and the regulations so we could get started. We’re ready.”

5. Oregon

Oregon were exempt from the PASPA act allowing them to run sports betting through their state lottery.

Recently the lottery have launched a new mobile app which could pave the way for online sports betting in the near future.

These changes are likely to happen in 2019, after the mid-term elections have been and gone.

6. Connecticut

Earlier this year Connecticut tried to get a bill over the line, but it didn’t quite go through.

It’s clear there’s an appetite for sports betting in Connecticut, however, it will have to wait until 2019 after discussions with casino owners fell through.

Hold tight if you’re looking to take advantage of no risk matched betting USA in Connecticut.

Sports betting in the US – Overall state of play

A lot of progress has been made since May 14 earlier this year, with a number of states quick to open the door on sports betting in the USA.

It seems that some US states are waiting for others to test the water before they dive in themselves. However, I doubt it will be long before more states jump on the train.

There’s too much to lose if they don’t.

There are plenty of other states in the process of legalising sports betting and you can be sure we’ll update the list above as and when it happens so you can take full advantage.

Overall, this is great news for individuals looking to profit from no risk matched betting USA.

Stay tuned for the latest news on this story.

You can read the original post (published before PASPA was stuck down) below or check out our matched betting blog for more information.

Matched betting USA

Could no risk matched betting USA soon be a possibility?

I think so…

With the ongoing ruling into sports betting in the USA, the laws may soon be changed.

Currently, no risk matched betting USA is somewhat limited thanks to strict US laws governing sports betting as a whole.

Whilst each state in the USA has their own laws regarding betting activity, the general consensus is that betting in the US is not possible.

Matched betting is certainly one of the most profitable ways to spend your free time, so the more people that can benefit from this brilliant no risk betting technique, the better.

Before we look into whether matched betting in the USA is a viable way for Americans to make money online in 2018, we first need to look at the specific laws around gambling and betting in the United States.

It’s not as flexible as you may think.

The gambling industry in Europe and specifically the United Kingdom is far more liberal than it is in other places around the world.

This makes matched betting in Europe very feasbile.

Look at gambling in the UK and contrast it to America. There’s no resemblance.

It’s fair to say, the USA is a strange place when it comes to federal laws.

You’re allowed to keep as many guns as you fancy, yet you can’t drink until you’re 21 and un-restricted sports betting is illegal in all but one state.

Seems a little mixed up if you ask me!

Gambling and sports betting laws in America

America is incredibly strict when it comes to gambling. It’s not quite how the Hangover movies make it out to be!

The specific laws vary between different US states, however, there are a number of federal laws that affect most of the 50 states.


Whenever someone mentions gambling in America, people often picture the Las Vegas Strip and the countless casinos and hotels that fill the sky.

Whilst not every street in America looks quite like this, casinos are as common in America as betting shops are on the UK high streets.

Matched betting USA - Las Vegas

They exist in nearly all 50 states, making it an incredibly popular choice for American punters.

You can easily stake money on a game of blackjack or slots and many people do…

On average each punter loses $400 a year allowing the Casinos to make roughly $125 billion in annual revenue.

Sports betting in the USA

Sports betting in the USA is somewhat different to casino gambling.

Visit most streets in America and you won’t find a single high street bookie, unless you’re in Nevada. No high street matched betting for US citizens then.

This seems strange when you consider how liberal the rules are when it comes to Casino gambling.

Observers have estimated that US punters wager somewhere in the region of $150 billion each year on sporting events.

However, federal law states that sports betting is illegal in America. A lot of this betting is therefore underground and conducted by criminal organisations.

In 2017, Nevada sportsbooks took nearly $5 billion in wagers. Should sports betting be legalised in all 50 states the market value could rise to nearly $14 billion.

Why is sports betting legal in Nevada?

Nevada legalised sports betting in 1949 and were exempt from the PASPA act of 1992 – the act that banned all US betting on sporting events on a federal level.

The PASPA act, signed by George Bush, only stopped new states from legalising sports betting.

Nevada were one of four states that already had sports betting laws in place – Oregon, Delaware and Montana being the other three.

However, Nevada were the only state that legalised all sports betting before the act – hence it’s the only state in the USA where single-game sports betting is legal.

Problems with online betting in the USA

This is where many of the problems in the American gambling industry come to the forefront.

There are no specific federal laws against online gambling, however, it’s easy to run afoul of state laws. Therefore, thousands of Americans place illegal bets on a regular basis.

Without any specific laws, it’s hard to govern and prosecute anyone in the wrong. No one has ever been arrested or charged in any way for gambling online and I’d be surprised if they ever do.

It is, however, illegal for websites to accept sports bets online. For that reason there are no online sports betting firms operating from within the US.

All online bookies that conduct this illegal betting are based off-shore, in locations it’s legal for them to operate, a similar pattern to what happens here in the UK but for different reasons – tax avoidance.

On the other hand, as confusing as it may be, it’s not illegal for US citizens to place sports bets online.

Now, to me that doesn’t make any sense and as you can see, betting in the US is all over the place.

It’s still illegal for these off-shore betting firms to take wagers from American punters. However, the Federal Government aren’t interested or can’t prosecute anyone.

You’ll probably agree, the gambling and betting laws in America are a complete mess.

No one knows exactly where the boundaries are, which leads to abuse by bookies and punters alike. The rules need to be crystal clear so bookies and bettors know exactly what they can and can’t do.

Illegal sports betting in America

As the laws in America are somewhat confusing, punters and betting companies can take advantage of loopholes that have been left open.

This obviously leads to a great deal of illegal betting in the United States.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) commissioner, Adam Silver went on record saying:

‘There is no solid data on the volume of illegal sports betting activity in the United States, but some estimate that nearly $400 billion is illegally wagered on sports each year.’

If these figures are accurate, this makes sports betting the most popular form of gambling in the US. Though admittedly, most of it is illegal.

Silver is one of many involved in the sporting industry backing a change in law and ultimately legalising sports betting.

For many years, professional sporting leagues have opposed legalising sports betting, however, they are now implementing procedures to facilitate such changes.

Is matched betting legal in the USU.S. Republican politician, Frank Pallone is another high profile supporter of a reversal in law. Talking about the laws regarding sports betting, he said

‘The only group that benefits is organised crime.’

As we mentioned above, The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), was signed in 1992 and banned all betting on sporting events.

It was designed to be in place for 25 years. Yet, this ban may soon be overturned by the US Supreme Court.

Current investigation into US betting

For a while now, thousands of US citizens have urged congress to re-consider the PASPA ban. They hope to make sports betting legal on a federal level.

Supporters believe it will put an end to illegal sports betting and the shady companies running these platforms.

Here’s what John English, a Global Market Advisors partner has to say:

‘It would be in everyone’s best interest to regulate and tax online gaming instead of letting the money flow out of the country or to illegal gaming operators.’

Currently the US Supreme Court is hearing arguments from both sides, with a potential ruling that may overturn the PASPA act of 1992 expected by July 2018.

Furthermore, 17 states have already put plans in place should the Supreme Court rule in their favour and legalise sports betting.

Likely outcome of US Supreme Court ruling

From researching into this article, it seems a large number of news outlets and media sources are expecting the US Supreme Court to overturn the ban on sports betting.

This will have a huge impact on no risk matched betting and the US betting industry as a whole.

Betting firms will now be able operate legally, bringing more taxable earnings into the country and boosting the global economy.

Criminal organisations don’t tend to very good at paying taxes…

This will also bring a considerably higher annual revenue into the American gambling sector which is potentially worth a staggering $14 billion a year.

When and if the US Supreme Court overturn the 1992 PASPA ban, there will be a huge flurry in terms of operators offering sports betting.

All the major bookies will be after a piece of the American betting sector and we’ll likely see Casino-focussed brands diversifying into the sports betting sector as well.

It will be essential for bookies to increase their marketing and promotional activities to gain new customers, similar to what we see in the UK.

Currently, in true American fashion, showing advertisements for online gambling sites isn’t strictly illegal. Although, if the PASPA ban is overturned, this could all change.

Global consequences to a change in US betting laws

It won’t just be states in the USA that feel the impacts of a change in law. It will be world wide.

David Leppo, CEO of FootballBet.com and BetMex.net commented

‘This decision is going to have ramifications around the world. If sports betting in the U.S. is legalised, others will fall in line.’

In the case of a favourable ruling, Leppo expects Asia to follow suit in the next decade or so.

Downsides to legalising sports betting

As always, you can never please everyone.

There are many people fighting against legalising sports betting in the United States. This view is specifically coming from anti-gambling campaigners and organisations around the world.

Gambling can be an addictive habit which can lead some people into financial difficulty and sometimes more serious problems.

Problem gambling is a massive global issue that many organisations are fighting.

Having said that, the number of problem gamblers resulting from sports betting is typically not that high. Then again, that’s based on UK figures. It could potentially be different in the US.

The Supreme Court will have a tricky call to make.

Supreme court and matched betting USA

On one side you’ve got anti-gambling campaigners arguing that legalising sports betting will lead to more problem gamblers and on the other side you’ve got people trying to cease criminal betting and organisations.

Whatever the outcome, it will have huge implications across the world.

No risk matched betting USA – Which bookies can you use?

It’s technically against federal law for bookies to accept bets over the Internet, however, it’s very unlikely you’ll be prosecuted. Having said that, I’ll leave the ultimate decision with you.

It’s worth noting there’s different age restrictions for gambling in the US, depending on which sate you’re in.

You’ll need to be at least 18 or 21 to participate in matched betting USA. Make sure you double check the specific restrictions before you open any new betting accounts.

If you’re unsure about anything, get in touch with the bookie in question. They should be able to help you out.

Here are some of the best betting companies you can use for no risk matched betting USA:

  • Bovada
  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting
  • 5Dimes

All of these bookmakers offer different sign up promotions that are worth completing.

Can you use betting exchanges in the USA

As we’ve already mentioned, there are no betting companies operating in the US.

Sadly, that’s the same for betting exchanges in the US.

As we use a betting exchange to make our bets risk free, this makes matched betting in the USA somewhat difficult.

Not to worry though.

There’s another method you can use – dutch betting or dutching as it’s sometimes shortened to.

Instead of placing a lay bet at a betting exchange, we use two bookmakers and play them against each other.

Simply enter the odds into a dutching calculator and just like a normal matched bet, the calculator will advise you on how much to place at each bookmaker.

This way, you can cancel out any risk and unlock your free bet without using a betting exchange.

All in all, I suggest you wait for the Supreme Court ruling and then make your decision on whether you should start matched betting in the US.

Learn matched betting with The Sure Bettor

Once the Supreme Court has made their ruling and your state has legalised sport betting (yes, I’m very confident) you’re all set to learn matched betting and start making money online in 2018.

The Sure Bettor is the number one place to do this. Below are a few reasons why:

  • We walk you through the whole process, leaving no stone unturned.
  • We provide the latest tools and software to increase the profitability of your matched betting.
  • Our team upload the latest matched betting offers to the website so you don’t have to search for them.
  • We offer a brilliant support network where all of your questions will get answered.

Whether you’re completely new to betting or you’re a seasoned professional, you’ll be making money with this no risk betting technique in no time.

The future of matched betting in the United States

So, does matched betting work in the US?

As you’ve probably understood, matched betting in the United States is currently very limited.

However, if the Supreme Court do overturn the PASPA act (which I’m very confident they will) then things are likely to change significantly.

In this scenario, the bookies will spend a huge amount of money incentivising new customers.

This means Americans will be able to profit from no risk matched betting, just like we do in the UK and abroad.

It’s exciting for us matched bettors. If sports betting is made legal across the whole country, no risk matched betting may be branching out in to America!

So, in the meantime, I suggest you guys in America will have to hold fire in terms of matched betting.

However, it seems a sure bet that the laws will be changing when the Supreme Court makes their ruling around July 2018. You’ll then be able to make a risk free profit online.

For UK matched bettors travelling to the United States, check out our article on matched betting abroad.

Why not sign up now so you can get ahead of the competition…

That’s it for today’s matched betting guide, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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    • Charles says:

      Hi there, glad you found the content useful. I’m going to be adding a big update to this article in the near future with more up to date information on betting in the US.

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