Matched betting calculator

The matched betting calculator is one of the most important tools for matched bettors. It allows you to work out the exact guaranteed profit you’ll make along with the required lay stake and liability.

Our matched betting calculator, sometimes called a bet and lay calculator or odds calculator, does all the complex maths for you and it’s incredibly easy to use.

Simply select the desired bet type, enter the back stake, the bookmaker back odds, the exchange lay odds, the exchange commission and hit calculate.

The betting calculator works out the required lay stake to either minimise losses or maximise profits depending on whether you’re completing a qualifying bet or a free bet.

Bet Type
Back Stake:
Back Odds:
Back Commission:
Lay Odds:
Lay Commission:
Lay Stake Required: £ Calculate
Bookie Exchange Total
If Back Bet Wins
If Lay Bet Wins
Bookie Exchange Refund Total
If Back Bet Wins
If Lay Bet Wins

Odds calculator

Use our basic matched betting calculator to work out three different bet types: qualifying bets, free bets and risk free bets.

The calculator tells you the exact outcome for either a bookie (back bet) win or an exchange (lay bet) win.

Unlike other matched betting calculators our calculator lets you alter the back commission. This is useful if you want to place a back bet at a betting exchange. The calculator has a default value of 0% for the back commission so change it accordingly if you need to.

The lay commission has a default set to 2% to account for the Smarkets commission rate. If you use another betting exchange like Betfair you can simply alter this amount accordingly.

For more information on which betting exchange to use, check out our handy guide.

Our odds calculator also allows you to differentiate between a stake returned free bet and a stake not returned free bet. This function ensures you maximise your profit from every free bet.

Matched betting calculator pro tips

Use these matched betting calculator tips to ensure you get the most out of this awesome tool.

Tip #1 – Always use the matched betting calculator

Whether you’re completing a qualifying bet, a free bet, a risk free bet or a price boost make sure you use the odds calculator. As you progress with your matched betting and become more experienced, you may feel you can calculate your own stakes.

However, this is something I would strongly avoid doing. It could lead to costly, unnecessary mistakes. Stick with the matched betting calculator and you’ll be in safe hands when it comes to working out your overall profit and lay stakes.

Tip #2 – Double check everything

As with anything in matched betting, it’s important to double check everything. This includes checking over the calculator to ensure you’ve entered everything correctly. One slight mistake could significantly alter the outcome of your bets and potentially leave large amounts of profit on the table.

If you like using multiple betting exchanges, always double check the exchange (lay) commission rate.

You’re probably aware the commission rate changes between different exchange companies. Betfair and Betdaq charge 5% where as Smarkets charge 2%.

As we mentioned above, the lay commission on our betting calculator has a default set to 2% to account for the Smarkets commission. However, you can change this as you see fit.

Matched betting with The Sure Bettor

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