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How Matched Betting is Risk and Tax Free

I know I like saying this but matched betting is definitely the number one way to make money online. When you use The Sure Bettor to assist you with your matched betting you’re literally guaranteed to make a profit. What’s more it’s risk and tax free. I don’t know of  a better way to make money online.

But how can it can be risk and tax free? I know you’re probably thinking matched betting sounds too good to be true. That’s fair enough. That’s exactly what I thought when I started out with this brilliant approach. But it really is as good as it’s made out to be. I’ll explain why below.

Matched Betting is Risk Free

The main concept behind matched betting is back and lay betting. Using this method we cancel out any risk that there always will be in a normal bet. In basic terms we back an outcome at a bookie, for example 888Sport and we lay (bet against) the same outcome at a betting exchange for example Betfair. Here’s a made up example:

888Sport are giving customers a free £20 bet when they wager £10 on Man Utd’s next game.

  • I stake £10 on Man Utd to beat Brighton at 888Sport. This is our back bet.
  • I stake £10 on Man Utd NOT to beat Brighton at Betfair. This is called the lay bet.

Note: If this game is a draw our second bet (lay bet) wins as Man Utd didn’t beat Brighton.

Whatever the outcome of the event you pick, one of your bets will win and one will lose. Therefore you end up where you started. What’s the point you might be asking. I thought we made a guaranteed profit?

In doing this I qualify for the free bet 888Sport were offering. So now I repeat the same process as above. Instead of using my own money to place the back bet, I use the bookies free bet which I’ve just qualified for. This makes matched betting 100% risk free.

There are more advanced matched betting strategies which can involve a small risk however the winnings can be very large. These methods are for more experienced match bettors looking to maximise their profit. We don’t show beginners this method until you’re ready. Keep practising your matched betting skills here with The Sure Bettor as a premium member and you will find all the tutorials you need to become an experienced matched bettor.

Matched Betting is Tax Free

Match betting is 100% tax free. You may be surprised but the UK Government don’t take any of our winnings in tax. Don’t be fooled though, they get their cut directly from the bookies. The Government changed the rules in both 2001 and 2014 to represent the shift in the gambling industry from within a shop to online. This move means that they take a cut from online betting companies who are based offshore. All in all this is great for us matched bettors! We keep all our profits that we make using match betting.

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If you have any more questions regarding match betting just get in touch with us. We’re here to help.