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Insane $880k bet placed on Mayweather vs McGregor Superfight

Arguably the biggest boxing fight in history is now less than two weeks away. The excitement is building and the money is starting to come in. Last Friday a casino in Las Vegas took an insane bet of US$880k on Mayweather to beat McGregor in the superfight.

An anonymous bettor placed a whopping US$880,000 bet at The South Point Casino on Floyd Mayweather beating Conor McGregor in the upcoming bout on the 26th August.

The casino revealed on social media that the bet was so large their system couldn’t handle it. They eventually split the bet in to two wagers of US$440,000 due to a company rule that forbids payouts of over US$1 million.

The original ticket showed potential winnings of only US$120,000. However, the error was later corrected by the bookmaker which split the bet into two halves.

According to ESPN the large bookmakers in Las Vegas are hoping for similar bets to be placed to even out the huge quantities of bets placed in favour of McGregor to win the fight. As many as 95% of bets have been placed on McGregor to win the superfight in the T-Mobile Arena.

How much will the bettor win?

The bet was placed on Mayweather at odds of 1.18. Should the anonymous gambler win the bet they’ll make a neat profit of nearly US$160,000.

At the time of writing the odds at Bet365 are well in favour of a Mayweather win, at 1.20 (1/5). McGregor’s odds are 4.5 (7/2).

How much can you win?

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