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What can you bet on in the second half of 2019? A quick overview

The rest of this year is bound to be an exciting one. There are a whole lot of things happening, as evidenced by the simple fact that the first half of 2019 has been a little bit crazy so far.

So, in order to help you out with being aware of the biggest things to bet on in the second half of 2019, so that you don’t end up missing out on some of the more exciting stuff, we have collaborated with Slotsmagic Casino, so that we can provide you with a list that can be not just serviceable, but even exciting.

These betting opportunities are not only going to be sports events though, as we are going to be paying close attention to some of the more alternative betting opportunities as well, such as awards ceremonies and other potential places to bet.

Right, let’s check out what you can bet on in the remaining half of 2019.

BET Awards

The Black Entertainment Television awards 2019 are coming up, and they will be a doozy. As they always are, to be honest.

The BET awards are always a fun romp to watch, with all kinds of drama happening live on television, but also some very impressive pieces of art produced by the African American population of the United States.

This year, there will be more shows showcased during the awards ceremony, as well as a number of musical artists who are just as important in terms of the culture as some of the most important pieces of art of the past century.

Betting on the awards ceremony is not an easy job to do at all. The obvious thing to do is bet on the winners. If you guess right, you win. As simple as that.

But there are other things to bet on, such as the events during the BET as well as the reactions of the people (as they have been known to be quite impressive in the past). Overall, betting on the BET is a custom process, so it is up to the platform you use for this purpose to help you out in the process.


NASCAR is a popular motorsport, especially in the South of the United States. It has hundreds of thousands of fans watching it on the television and live and is generally enjoyed by those who love to sit in the sun, eating barbecue food and drinking beer at their leisure.

It also has dozens of cars participating in it at one time, all of them aiming to win at all costs, racing at incredible speeds in order to win the prize they are looking for. Which is what makes NASCAR so exciting.

Betting on the winner comes at a great level of odds, but there are many ways to bet on NASCAR, simply beyond choosing the winner.

There are at least 50 laps at a single competition of NASCAR. It’s possible to bet on who will be ahead of the rest at the end of each lap, it’s also possible to bet on time differences and a whole slew of other qualities in the game. This is why there are as many fans of betting on NASCAR as there are just plain fans of NASCAR.

Horse racing

I mean, you don’t even need us to tell you, do you?

Horse racing is probably the most famous type of betting in the world. It is definitely one of the most frequent ones you see in the movies. The fun in the horse racing betting industry lies not in the betting, or in the race itself, but knowing what to bet on.

While fixing bets is not something that happens anymore, knowing the industry and knowing the horses you are betting on is a good way to make sure that you are going to be able to win. There are many races happening around the world at a time, the Kentucky Derby might be the most popular one, but it is by far not the only one, and not the best one either.

Betting on horse racing involves picking the right horse and jockey and placing your bet on them winning. It is pretty straightforward as far as this, but the information about the horses and jockeys in the race is what will determine whether the bets you will make are sensible or not.

Asking around, doing a bit of research, will go a long way in letting you make the right wager and earning a whole bunch of money. Now go ahead and start making some weird bets, just make sure you don’t make them blindly.