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Best tips for mobile betting – How to maximise your betting income in 2019

Mobile betting is incredibly popular in 2019 and this trend is set to continue. But what mobile betting tips can you implement to maximise your profit right now?

Mobile betting in 2019

Online betting has had a huge impact on the industry over the last few years and this trend is set to continue for a long while.

With more people owning smartphones than ever before, the number of bettors who place bets from their mobile phones continues to rise and it’s for good reason.

There are many benefits of betting online, especially from a mobile device. It takes seconds to unlock your smartphone, open your favourite mobile betting app and place your desired bets.

It’s no wonder mobile betting is so popular when it’s that easy.

But like most people, you’re probably interested in how you can maximise your winnings from your mobile bets. That’s why we wrote this article.

So let’s get right into the best mobile betting tips and why you should implement them.

Mobile betting tips 2019

  • Place in-play bets
  • Double-check your bets
  • Use different betting apps
  • Secure your betting apps
  • Research your bets

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Place in-play bets

Our first mobile betting tip is to place in-play bets as well as pre-match bets. One of the benefits of placing in-play bets from your mobile is the ease of the whole process. You don’t even have to leave your sofa or stop watching a live game.

Long gone are the days when you had to walk to your local high-street store to place your bets over the counter. For the modern punter, the whole process seems probably seems prehistoric.

In-play bets offer punters another option when it comes to finding value from the bookmakers. Certain bookies may offer boosted odds or other incentives to get bettors to place in-play bets.

The aim as a punter is to maximise the value you get from the bookmakers.

Double-check your bets

Another vitally important mobile betting tip is double-checking your bets. It’s so easy to place bets in 2019 that punters can often make mistakes with their bets.

This is something you need to avoid if you’re going to win football bets and wagers on other sports.

So, what should you double-check?

Below are certain aspects I recommend you consider.

Your bets before you place them

It’s very easy to select the wrong market when placing bets on your mobile. The screen is quite small and everything is close together meaning mistakes happen.

By double-checking your bets before you place them, your mobile bets are likely to be spot on. But if they’re not, now is the best time to find out.

Your bets once you’ve placed them

You should also check your bets once they’ve been placed and accepted by the bookmaker. Mistakes happen and it’s far easier to resolve any issues by spotting your mistake early rather than letting them go in-play or settle.

Anything could happen in this situation. However, if you’re an experienced bettor you may be able to head to a betting exchange and lay your bet before a fixture kicks off.

Use different betting apps

Our third mobile betting tip is to use many different betting apps.

This is the case for a number of reasons:

  • Access to more promotions and free bets
  • Access to the best odds
  • Different betting features

Let’s look at each of these in more detail.

Access to more promotions and free bets

This is a common reason to use more than one bookmaker. You need to look for as many promotions and free bets as possible.

Thankfully, that’s relatively easy in the modern world of online betting as there is a huge range of free bets available from most bookmakers on a regular basis.

Access to the best odds

Odds are a vital component of your betting so you should always be on the lookout for the best value prices out there.

Using processes like line shopping and tools like Oddschecker will certainly help in this regard. By scanning the market and finding the best value odds, you’ll maximise your profit if you land your bet.

Obviously to take advantage of great value odds you need a number of bookmaker accounts open.

Different betting features

Different betting companies offer various features and services that attract certain players to their platform. For example, if you’re looking to place a lay bet, you’ll need to head to a betting exchange like Smarkets or Betfair.

Secure your mobile betting apps

Our fourth mobile betting tip is to make sure your accounts are well secured and protected with strong passwords and usernames.

Despite improvements in technology, there are still issues when it comes to betting account security. Don’t let any of these issues happen to you. Avoid it by creating strong passwords and security questions.

With more modern betting apps and smartphones, you’ll be able to use your fingerprint as another form of identification which all helps with keeping your account secure.

Research your bets

As with all forms of betting, it’s important to do your research and know who you’re betting on.

I recommend you start off by focussing on one sport, preferably football, and going from there. The reasons I say football are due to the popularity of the sport. There are hundreds of people placing football bets each and every day meaning there’s plenty of opportunities.

Furthermore, you should know exactly who is playing for a certain team along with head to head information from previous fixtures etc.

The more you know, the better mobile bets you’ll place meaning more winnings.

Mobile betting tips overview

Mobile betting is a great way to place your sports wagers and there’s plenty of opportunities to profit.

Use the tips above to ensure you maximise your winnings and keep beating the bookies.

Let me know which mobile betting tip you’re going to implement by leaving a comment below right now.