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A Good Rush with Back and Lay Betting in the Seventies

Back and lay betting relies on choosing bets that are opposing each other. For example, you bet on Chelsea to win and then you bet on Chelsea not to win. These two bets are placed at different betting companies.

This is the main concept behind matched betting which is a brilliant method people use to make money online.

Who Do You Bet On?

In today’s sporting world many options come to mind, however, the seventies saw two heroes who would have been incredible to bet on. There was no way you could predict who would win.

Rarely do two opposing sides create such fervour from supporters, leaving gamblers unsure who would win. In the seventies, through Formula One Racing, two friends and enemies whipped bettors up in a frenzy as viewers were undecided who was the most worthy champion.

These racers were James Hunt and Niki Lauder. Men of incredible character, with inspirational stories to tell. James Hunt rose through the ranks using sheer will, talent, and determination laced with a love of risk taking. Niki, meanwhile, bought his way into Formula One which blinded many to the fact that he was actually an engineering genius. He understood the importance of aerodynamics for speed and winning championships.

Starting as enemies both became unlikely friends, as their repeated meetings on the track threw them into the same company again and again. Two very different characters with different motives but the same ambition, to be the very best.

Niki Lauder’s Crash

James Hunt could be blamed for Niki Lauder’s jaw dropping near fatal crash, as he encouraged the race to go on despite the inclement conditions on the track. Despite this, Niki still held much respect for James Hunt and celebrated the enemy within his midst as it gave him the motivation to get back to Formula One racing.

This true story is thwart with sadness but an inspiration to many, not least those betting on the outcome. If these two drove against each other today, a win would not be a dead cert unless you used matched betting and the bettor placed a back and lay bet on the outcome.

You can find out more about this story in the 2013 film Rush, directed by Ron Howard. As you do, consider this, what competitors do we have in today’s age who would be a pleasure to place a back and lay bet on? Are there two sides you’d like to see triumph? Two teams you think deserve the cup? Two horses of equal merit or two boxers who are equally as good? These are the best events to use for matched betting as they inject some fun into the technique. You won’t be able to predict who’s going to win.

We show you the exact strategy to make money online using back and lay betting. You can then bet on your favourite team, bringing the fun back into gambling, knowing you’ll win whatever the outcome thanks to matched betting.

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