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The future of traditional casinos in 2019 and beyond

Gambling has changed dramatically during the past few years. With new technology such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and, of course, the Internet, gambling can be played by anyone and anytime – play here at King Casino.

It no longer involves having to physically go to a traditional casino and go along with the, sometimes required, pomp and ceremony that can go with the casino feel.

Over the years, however, the formality of the casino, or at least some of them, has changed. In Las Vegas, the casinos are way more accessible to anyone wanting to go but in places such as Monte Carlo, the casinos still keep their elitism.

In Las Vegas, it is perfectly acceptable for players to enter the casinos with shorts and t-shirts. Whereas in Monte Carlo, the dress code can sometimes be as formal as black tie and ball gowns.

Visiting a casino isn’t just about gambling. Players go for the social aspect, fine dining and entertainment as well as the gambling at table games or slot machines.

Attracting the new generation

The traditional land-based casino will need to implement changes for the new generation, the Millenials. They typically do not gamble and therefore the traditional casino has an entire demographic that needs to be attracted to the casino world.

The floor of the casino will have to ensure that there is a blend of generational differences. Some casinos in Las Vegas have already altered their floor layout to make it more modern in an attempt to attract the next generation.

Moving the casino away from the traditional feel it had will attract and continue to do so, the future generation. The introduction of a selection of food and beverage outlets catering for varying food tastes and different occasions and not just the fine dining experience traditionally found in casinos will ensure the casino adapts.

One casino in Las Vegas, the Palazzo, has already introduced a sports bar; Lagasse’s Stadium, it offers a unique food and beverage environment targeting an entirely different clientele.

The strip in Las Vegas, the infamous road in Nevada, which is home to casinos, hotels, shops and restaurants, now only generates 35% of all revenue via gambling and the remaining revenue is made up of food, drinks, shopping and entertainment.

The casino floor will almost become secondary to the restaurants, shows, entertainment, designer stores and social scene aimed at the next generation.

It’s not just the floor offerings that will change the traditional casino and make it attractive to the next generation. The technology available will also help in switching from online gambling to traditional gambling.

The introduction of virtual reality allows players to ‘visit’ a casino from the comfort of their own home which in turn can lead to the online virtual reality players being encouraged to opt for a traditional casino, at least on occasions.

Artificial Intelligence or AI will also feature. AI will replace the generators, which currently control the games and provide a new enhanced player experience.

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