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The different types of sports bettors you probably can relate to

Sports betting can be a really fun activity, especially if you’re a big fan of any sports. It adds thrill and excitement to the games that you’re watching. Aside from that, you can even earn extra cash through this. This is why this is easily the favourite way to gamble of many people out there.

When it comes to the sports that many people would love to wager on, there are only a few that would stand out according to the Best USA Casinos Online. Football remains the most wagered on sports worldwide but cricket is not far behind.

Whatever it is you wager on, be it football, basketball for sure, you have already developed a betting style and behavior. Curious to know which kind of sports bettor you are? Well, keep on reading because here is a list of the different types of sports bettors that you can probably relate to!

You still have the urge to Google things or ask your friend who wagers regularly. When it comes to how long you’ll be a newbie, this depends on your learning curve. You can be a newbie for just a few weeks or some, it would even be for a few months. The more you bet, the lesser time you spend on this phase because when you bet is when you learn more about it.

The expert

This is the exact opposite of being a newbie. You are already betting for years if this is you. You just take a quick look at the odds and you already know whether these are good or too much in favor of the house. You know which bookies have the best offers too and you’ve most likely wagered on different sports and don’t just stick with one.

Emotional punter

This is you if you place bets without controlling your emotions. If you feel like a team will win because they have a new player and you immediately place a bet on them, then you’re betting with your emotions.

This could also be you if you get overwhelmed by emotions while watching the game, thinking about the bets you place. The same goes for being emotional after knowing the results of the match. Either you jump for joy because you won or you get mad or really sad about the money you lost.

The noob

Every sports bettor goes through this phase and that’s alright. Being a noob or a beginner simply means you still have a lot of questions in mind before you place your bets. It’s still a bit overwhelming for you to look for the right sportsbooks to bet with and you don’t immediately understand how different odds work.

The professional

You’re an expert in sports betting but you’re a professional if your income relies heavily on sports
betting. This means that you make a living out of wagering. You get to pay your house rent, your
utilities, and other bills with the money you earn from sports betting.

They say that you’re a professional if this is your main source of income or at least 60 percent of your money is coming from a career. Yes, sports betting can be a career if you choose to! Just know that this may not be a great full-time job for everyone. It really depends on your lifestyle too.

Sometimes a bettor

Okay, you can also be considered a newbie because of this, but someone who bets occasionally just really means that you only care about a few sports or a specific sport. You would only wager on specific sports leagues, like during the EPL season. You don’t mind not logging in to your betting account all the time because you’re just not into it.

Just a fan

This is you if you only place wagers on your favorite athletes or teams. You don’t really care whoever it is that they are going against. What’s important is that you place a bet towards your favorites. You probably are not also a fan of betting. You’re just really doing this to show your support. You’re simply being a fan.

The problematic

Last on our list is someone we hope you’re not. The problematic is someone who would keep on
wagering even with a losing streak. This is also someone who would still place bets even if they can’t afford to anymore. They bet on money that they don’t have and they end up having problems because of it. If you feel like you’re becoming a problematic gambler, seek help. That’s always the best thing to do.

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