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David from London kills at the bookmaker

David from London started sports betting as a hobby, and later, he turned it into a lucrative business since he has been earning a lot for several years.

He started betting at the age of 13, although at that time, he did not even dream that in the future, it would be his “main occupation” and something that would bring him several average salaries a month.

In the beginning, the betting business had a lot of declines, and now he earns between 1,000 and 5,000 pounds a month, depending on the role. As he says, he used to know how to lose a thousand pounds a day, but he stopped counting on luck a long time ago.

For almost a decade, as much as he actively plays betting, only one month has been in the minus. The day that brought him the highest payment ever was October 26 last year, when he received 6,700 pounds in one day. It was like having the opportunity to play the best free games ever.

  • I started betting at the age of 13. At the age of 19, I got a job at a city bookmaker and saw how the whole system works from the inside. I noticed a lot of omissions, which I started to turn in my favor. After many years, I have raised it to a high level, and I have switched to Asian and European bookmakers. I rarely play in ours – David begins his story.

He says that “you can make a living from gambling”, although it is not like free adult games. He claims that it is pure mathematics and has little to do with sports luck and gambling.

  • I have made as many as six different ways for safe earnings at the bookmaker, and for each, I keep notable statistics that bring profit in the long run. One of the most popular ways to earn sports is arbitration, where every possible outcome of the match is covered.
  • There are hundreds of such matches a day, and they are a consequence of the shift in odds over time and the difference in the offer between bookmakers.
  • Also, there are several other ways to earn safely, such as using the welcome bonus for new players, getting free bet bets in online bookmakers, playing on player points, and there are also professional tipsters – David states some of the ways to earn safely.

That he is serious in his work is also shown by the fact that he has his working hours, which do not differ much from the employed people.

  • Some optimal working hours are from 9 am to 3 pm every working day. And on weekends, I work from morning to evening. Then, there are the most changes in odds in the trading market, and then it is most favorable to catch earnings – claims David.

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