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Biggest accumulator wins – Top 5 largest acca wins of all time

Accumulators are one of the most popular formats of betting with thousands of punters wagering money on accas each day.

Bettors are drawn to accumulators thanks to the potential of winning a lot of money with accumulators.

So what are the biggest accumulator wins?

Biggest accumulator wins

1. Stake: £10 – Odds: 99,000/1 – Winnings: £986,807

Biggest Accumulator Wins Horses

The number one biggest accumulator win came in 2013. One lucky bettor hit big on a horse racing six-fold accumulator winning £986,807.

The odds of 99,000-1 aren’t the biggest on this list, but the stake of £10 more than makes up for it. Betting £10 on an almost certain loss is quite ballsy.

This lucky punter won just under £1 million which is the biggest accumulator win in history.

The six races were from Naas and Galway and all were within 90 minutes of each other. That must’ve been a pretty exciting hour and a half.

2. Stake: £100 – Odds: 6,542/1 – Winnings: £650,000

Our second biggest accumulator win is another big one over half a million. An eightfold accumulator on football matches. Staking £100, in-play, with only 20 minutes left to play, we thought the last one was impressive, but wow, staking £100 on 6,542/1 odds is incredible. This bettor must’ve been very confident

What’s more, all of the teams backed were losing at the time. One of the picks was West Ham to draw with Stoke, West Ham were 2-0 down at the time.

This one must’ve been an exhilarating ride, seemingly everything went right for this lucky punter within 20 minutes, leading to winnings of £650,000.

3. Stake: 80p – Odds: 683,738/1 – Winnings: £585,000

Biggest Accumulator Wins Football

Another lucky punter managed our third biggest accumulator while staking less than £1 on this ginormous accumulator. Guaranteed they wish they’d decided to pop a few extra quid on it. Staking only 80p this bettor managed to win a 19 fold accumulator winning them over £550,000, very impressive.

The 19 fold accumulator was bet via the William Hill website. All the picks were on football matches in the 2011 season.

The final pick was a match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Our punter had backed Liverpool to win, but Chelsea were heading in as favourites. Liverpool got off to a good start, scoring an early goal. 

Chelsea got back level after the break, leaving this bettor biting his nails off as the game neared the end. With three minutes to go, Liverpool put one in the back net, scoring a £585,000 win for the bettor.

That must have been excruciating to watch, and almost euphoric when that goal went in. £585,000 from 80p is certainly impressive.

4. Stake: 30p – Odds: 1,666,666/1 – Winnings: £500,000

Biggest Accumulators Wins Record Odds

Moving onto our fourth biggest accumulator win we have some even more ridiculous odds. Believed to be a world record, this punter managed to win with odds of 1,666,666/1 – yes you read that right, over one and a half million to one.

Fair play to this bettor, with odds, that high you can see why they only went with 30p. If they’d gone for a £10 stake it would have been a whopping £16 million in winnings.

The 15 event accumulator included predicting 2000/01 champions of the top 5 English divisions, three lower Scottish ones, the rugby union premiership, the country cricket championship and rugby’s NatWest trophy.

The final four selections were matches including bets on Arsenal, Hibernian and Falkirk to win their matches. Finally, this bettor needed Bayern Munich to win the champions league final.

This match was an extremely close one, heading to extra time follower by penalties, with Bayern beating valencia 6-5 on penalties in the end. This is not the only large win this bettor has had, also winning £157,000 from a £2.50 acca in 1999.

 5. Stake: £5 – Odds: 55281/1 – Winnings: £276,413

Our fifth and final biggest accumulator win was a £5 seven-team accumulator consisting of BTTS (both teams to score) and result picks. It included games form the MLS and the Brazilian Serie A.

Staking £5 on these high odds is quite impressive, and while it’s last on the list £276,413 is still incredible.

This punter would have loved seeing this one come in on their account.

Win more accumulators

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Biggest accumulator wins

As you can see, the potential winnings from accumulators can be incredibly high. This is the reason so many punters love wagering money on accas.

Whilst the winning mentioned above are quite unlikely, it’s still a great idea to place wagers on this betting format.

For more information on how you can maximise your profit from accumulators, check out this article.

What are your thoughts of the biggest accumulator wins? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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