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Betfair exchange alternatives for 2020 – Tired of using Betfair?

Are you tired of using Betfair or looking for different features from your betting exchange?

Then looking at Betfair alternatives is a great idea.

Whilst Betfair is a popular choice for many punters, there are other betting exchanges worth considering in 2020.

Each platform has its pros and cons which we’ll check out in this article.

So what are the best alternatives to Betfair?

Alternatives to Betfair exchange

  • Betdaq
  • Betconnect
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook

Let’s take a look at each one in more detail.


Being one of Betfair’s oldest competitors, Betdaq is a serious contender in the betting exchange industry.

Despite being considerably smaller than Betfair, Betdaq still offers a brilliant platform to punters. After a few quiet years, Betdaq seems to be back with a vengeance.

They’ve reduced their commission rate to a flat 2% and created a number of enticing sign up offers for new Betdaq customers.

Betdaq signup offer

You can take advantage of this welcome offer right now.

In terms of technology, Betdaq offers the most reliable and trustworthy platform in the industry. For a while now their tech has been used by some of the biggest betting exchange providers.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can place your bets with confidence and without any hassle.

In terms of markets available, Betdaq offers a great range of categories. Whilst they don’t have the same number of markets as Betfair, you shouldn’t have any issues finding the market you’re after.

All in all, Betdaq is a great betting exchange to use in 2020 and are certainly worth signing up to if you’re looking for a Betfair alternative.


Another alternative to Betfair is Betconnect.

You may not have heard of Betconnect as they’re a new platform. However, in the short space of time, they’ve been around, Betconnect has had a major impact on the entire betting industry.

Betconnect £50 free bet

Betconnect is a social betting platform which allows punters to follow the bets of professionals.

It’s worth pointing out that the pros on Betconnect are expert bettors that have been banned by the bookmakers for winning too much.

Typically that means they’ve made some great profits over the years.

By following the exact bets they place you can also make some awesome profit without doing too much hard work.

Nowadays punters are after transparent gambling operators that care about their customers. Betconnect is certainly a refreshing platform that works in the modern betting industry.

You can get started with Betconnect today with up to £50 in matched bets for new customers.


Another option you have as an alternative to Betfair exchange is signing up with Smarkets.

Smarkets offer a similar service to that of Betfair however they offer a better commission rate of just 2% when compared to Betfair’s varying commission structure.

Smarkets accept any kind of bettor so you can use their platform for literally anything. So whether you’re trading or you’re matched betting you’ll be safe with Smarkets.

If you don’t have an account with Smarkets, you can sign up today and take advantage of their £10 free bet.

Smarkets £10 free bet

Smarkets are a popular choice for many new punters so you should definitely consider them as an alternative to Betfair.


Another option you can use as an alternative to Betfair is Matchbook.

Few punters know about Matchbook as it’s flown beneath the radar for a while. However, they are certainly still worth considering if you’re looking to move away from Betfair.

They offer a similar service to the betting exchanges mentioned above and they’ve recently changed their commission structure to the industry standard of 2%.

One downside of Matchbook is that you may occasionally struggle in terms of liquidity. For those that are unsure, liquidity is essentially the number of punters looking to place bets.

The higher the liquidity, the better as it makes it easier for you to place your bets. Matchbook typically has lower liquidity levels as there are fewer bettors using the platform.

Why not check out our in depth Matchbook review here.

Matchbook is certainly a betting exchange to consider if you’re tired of using Betfair in 2020.

Other betting exchanges

There are also other betting exchanges you can use as an alternative to Betfair.

In recent years, traditional bookmakers like Ladbrokes have started their own betting exchanges to compete with bigger platforms like Betfair and Betdaq etc.

In all honesty, you can check out these less well-known betting exchanges but you’re not going to get that much out of them.

The betting exchanges we looked at earlier are the ones you should concentrate on if you’re looking for a Betfair alternative.

Betfair alternatives in 2020

All in all, there are a number of different betting exchanges you can use if you’re tired of using Betfair.

Here’s a recap of the exchanges mentioned above:

  • Betdaq
  • Betconnect
  • Smarkets
  • Matchbook

It’s important to consider what you want from a betting exchange when you’re looking for a Betfair alternative.

What’s right for you might not be for me etc.

In summary, use one or a mixture of the exchanges listed above and you’ll be in safe hands.

Which Betfair alternative do you use? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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