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Best fantasy football tips for 2019 – How to maximise your points

Like betting on football, fantasy football is a popular hobby for many fans around the world. Over the years, fantasy football has grown into a huge competition that reaches a large number of fans.

The most popular league, Fantasy Premier League has over 6 million players alone. But the question many people end up asking is how to maximise your points in fantasy football.

You want to beat your mates and claim the top spot. Come on… who doesn’t! It might be difficult but someone’s got to take it.

Well, in today’s article, we’re going to look at the best fantasy football tips along with a number of other methods you can use to beat your mates and maximise your points.

Best fantasy football tips

Right, let’s get into our fantasy football top tips.

  • Watch as many matches as possible
  • Keep an eye on injury news
  • Look ahead at fixtures
  • Don’t make changes after going to the pub
  • Don’t neglect your bench

Watch as many matches as possible

Our first tip is to watch as many footy matches as possible. Similar to betting on football, the more information you find out, the more points you’re likely to earn with your fantasy football team.

You’re more likely to pick high-scoring players if you do your research well.

The best and most enjoyable way to do this is by watching as many football fixtures as possible. Whilst you need a subscription for either BT Sports or Sky Sports, it’s an important aspect of your fantasy football journey.

Fans with access to these services are more likely to succeed with fantasy football. If you don’t have these platforms I recommend you sign up.

What’s more, watching live football fixtures on the TV is as good as TV gets. Well, that’s in my biased view.

Keep an eye on injury news

Following on from my previous point, our second fantasy football tip is to pay attention to injury news and other team selections.

The worst way to lose points compared to the rest of the league is when one of your star players is injured or not selected in the team.

It doesn’t even need to be a star player. Any player not playing is a crucial absentee from your fantasy football team.

Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity of bringing in a new player in this scenario so you need to know the extent of the injury and how long they’re likely to be out for.

Look ahead at fixtures

If you want to make a change to your team or if you’re replacing an injured member of your squad it’s always best to look ahead at upcoming fixtures.

Let me explain with an example:

If you’re thinking of adding a Chelsea defender, it’s best to check their upcoming fixtures first. If Chelsea are playing Liverpool and Man City in the next few weeks you may want to look elsewhere for another defender.

These players are likely to ship quite a few goals in the upcoming fixtures meaning fewer points.

Aim to select new players based on upcoming fixtures in the league.

Don’t make changes after visiting the pub

Possibly the most important fantasy football tip is to not make any changes to your team after chatting with mates in the pub.

You never know what rubbish your mates will make up with the aim of getting you to change your team. It’s best to avoid acting on their advice. Instead, make your own decisions when you get up the next morning.

For all you know, they may be sending you down a wild goose chase and have no real proof of what they said is true.

Don’t neglect your bench

Another key fantasy football tip is not to neglect your bench. Beginners tend to have a habit of selecting a very strong starting XI and forget all about the bench. But this is a rooky error and one you’ll kick yourself for later down the road.

Granted your starting team is crucial to success with fantasy football but the bench is still an important aspect.

Focus on what players you want to add to your bench just as much as the ones you’re putting in your starting team. This is crucial during busy parts of the season like the festive period when managers are rotating squads around.

Fantasy football tips overview

Football is the most popular sport in the world and whether you like betting on football or playing fantasy footy, you’ll have great fun.

Using the tips above, you should be able to increase the number of points you make each week in your fantasy league.

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