6 reasons you’ll love matched betting and why you should start today

Matched betting is one of the most popular methods of making money online. But why do so many people use this risk-free betting strategy in 2019?

In this article, we’re going to look at 6 reasons why you’ll love matched betting and why you should get started today.

Before we dive in, matched betting may be a new concept to some so here’s a short introduction. Go ahead and skip this section if you already know what matched betting is and how it works.

What is matched betting?

No risk matched betting is a way of making a guaranteed profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions.

There are hundreds of free bets offered on a daily basis meaning there’s plenty of profit to be made with this betting technique.

Right, so why is this method so popular? Here are 6 reasons you’ll love matched betting.

1. Risk-free profit

One of the main reasons people love matched betting so much is because it’s completely risk-free. You can make a guaranteed profit without risking any of your own money.

How awesome is that!

The only risk is human error meaning you need to be careful when it comes to placing your bets. More on this in another article.

You might be wondering how anything to do with betting can possibly be risk-free. I hear your point, I had similar questions when I first got started.

Risk free matched betting

Matched bettors use a strategy called back and lay betting to ensure there is no risk with their bets.

This betting technique involves placing two bets at different bookmakers. One bet is placed at the bookmaker and one is placed at a betting exchange. These two bets effectively cancel each other out meaning you end up where you started, only now you have access to a free bet or bonus.

For more information on how matched betting works, check out this article.

Overall, this technique is one of the only methods in which you can guarantee a profit when betting.

2. Make money online

Another reason you’ll love matched betting is that you can make money online all from the comfort of your own home. As you may know, making money online is a very popular search term on Google meaning there’s a lot of interest.

Popularity of making money online

There are nearly 4 billion Google results for the search term ‘make money online’.

With finances being so tight, individuals are often looking for ways to earn a little extra each month.

Matched betting is a brilliant method to do just that. Some people even take it to the next level and make a living from betting.

It’s important to add that you’re not going to become rich using matched betting and it’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme.

Right, disclaimers done… How much can you make?

Most average matched bettors earn up to £500 per month with experienced bettors earning as much as £1000 each month. However you look at it, it’s an awesome income.

3. Start matched betting anywhere

You can start matched betting from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet via a laptop or PC, you’re at least 18 years old and you have a personal bank account.

This leads on from my previous point and is certainly one of the main reasons people love matched betting so much.

There’s something about being a digital nomad that is very popular in the modern world. Being able to travel the world whilst making money is as good as it gets for many people.

You can literally start matched betting from anywhere. You’re not tied to a certain location meaning you could even be on holiday whilst placing your matched bets.

This means it’s great for students and stay at home parents. However, it’s not limited to just these individuals, as literally, anyone can take part.

Here’s the thing, starting matched betting is considerably more profitable than working a shift at your local pub. I’ll leave the ultimate decision with you, but I know which I’d rather choose.

4. Bet on your favourite team without loosing

A lot of sports fans place bets on a regular basis. It makes the whole process more entertaining and gives you the chance of winning some tax-free cash. What could be better?

However, a lot of bettors end up losing money to the bookmakers. There are a number of factors that cause this but start matched betting and this won’t be the case.

It’s a horrible feeling when your own team loses. You certainly don’t want to make it any worse by losing your bet as well.

Man City football team

That’s why one of our most important football betting tips is to avoid placing bets on your favourite teams. It’s not a good idea to bet with emotion.

However, with matched betting, you don’t need to do that. You’re guaranteed to make a profit even before the final whistle has gone.

5. The huge number of free bets available

Another reason you’ll love matched betting is thanks to the huge range of free bets available. In the modern world of online gambling, each bookmaker offers many different bonuses and promotions to its customers.

Matched bettors split the free bets into two categories, sign up offers and reload offers.

Sign up offers are used to entice new customers to sign up, whereas reload offers are used to keep existing customers returning.

Matched bettors can take advantage of both types of promotion meaning there’s plenty of profit to be made with this betting technique.

6. Beat the bookies

Another reason bettors love matched betting so much is that they beat the bookies on a regular basis. For a long time, traditional bookmakers won £1000s from average punters on a daily basis.

I’m not saying that’s changed. It’s still the case now, but bettors have come up with methods to beat the bookies on a more consistent basis and one of those techniques is matched betting.

There’s something about beating the bookies at their own game which makes match betting so appealing. I can’t explain what it is, you just need to try it out for yourself.

Get started with matched betting today

So all in all, you should certainly get started with matched betting as soon as possible. You’ll be able to make a great second income whilst also beating the bookmakers at their own game.

You can download our free matched betting cheat sheet by clicking the Get Started link at the top of this page.

What’s your favourite reason for loving matched betting? Let me know by leaving a comment below.