Who is Matched Betting for?

who is matched betting for?
No risk matched betting (or double betting as it’s sometimes called) is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

However, let’s get one thing straight, you shouldn’t start matched betting to get rich. That’s not what this money making method is about.

If you’re looking for a great way to make some extra income online, then matched betting might be for you. You can potentially make up to £1000 each month. Over a year, that’s a great second income to bolster your bank balance.

Think of all the things you could buy with an extra 12k.


It’s fair to say matched betting isn’t for everyone but read on if you’re keen on finding out more…

How much time does matched betting take?

How long is a piece of string.

Obviously the more time you have to invest, the more money you’ll make. It all comes down to how many offers you can complete.

Having said that, the most successful members at The Sure Bettor spend roughly 1-2 hours each day. At weekends there is more sport on, so therefore more offers to complete. On average our members spend up to 4 hours over the weekend completing the latest offers.

I don’t know anything about betting

Not to worry.

No prior knowledge of the betting industry is required as we walk you through the whole process. This includes everything from placing your bets to calculating your liability. Nothing is left out.

We pride ourselves on the ability to take matched betting newbies to matched betting pros in a matter of weeks. By being with us you really are in the best place to learn matched betting. But don’t take our word for it, why not check out what some of our existing members are saying.

I’m not into sports…

This is not a problem. With matched betting it doesn’t matter what you place your bets on. If you wanted to you could place your matched bets on the outcome of the X Factor. Whilst there is an abundance of sporting markets available there are plenty of other vibrant markets too.

Matched bettors look for markets with tight back and lay odds. This could be anything, definitely not just sporting events.

Overall, a vague interest in sport is useful but not essential to matched betting success.

Who can benefit from matched betting?

A common question with a very simple answer.

Literally, anyone can start matched betting and enjoy making money with this brilliant risk free betting technique. All you need is a laptop or PC, an internet connection, live in the UK and be at least 18 years old. That’s it.

With matched betting you really don’t need a lot of spare time, our most successful members spend about 1-2 hours per day completing the latest offers, with a little more to do at the weekend, when there are more sporting events on.

So what type of person is matched betting for? Here are some possibilities.

You’re tired of the bookies always winning

It’s no secret, the bookies rig sports betting odds so they always win in the long run. I’m not a gambler, so I’m not sure what this feels like but I can imagine it’s an incredibly annoying feeling. It likely leaves you wanting to get back at the bookmakers. Matched betting is the best way to do this (legally at least).

To make match betting risk free, we use a method called back and lay betting. This involves placing one bet at a bookmaker and one at a betting exchange. This process is made easier when you use a matched betting calculator.

You’re a student

I know how tough the student budget can be at times and there is limited opportunity to get out there and get a job. After all the deadlines, it’s straight to the partying.

For those students who want an easy way to make money without having to leave your flat, matched betting is certainly for you. There is no better way to earn some extra beer money.

students matched bettingYou’re a stay at home parent

If you’re at home looking after the house or children, matched betting is a brilliant way for you to earn some extra income to bolster your bank balance.

Spend an hour each day completing the latest matched betting offers and you’re away. We currently have a number of stay at home parents making some great profit from matched betting.

You’re a full time employee

I’m not going to lie, this wouldn’t be easy. In most cases people get home from work, get some dinner, sit in front of the TV and catch up on missed programmes.

However, we have a number of members who are full time employees as well as matched betting pros. You cannot fault that work ethic – and they certainly reap the benefits.

If you can’t matched bet during the week, there is always the weekend. As we mentioned earlier, this is the most profitable time of the week thanks to a huge range of offers available.

So yes, it is possible to make money from matched betting whilst holding down a full time job. It will require effort and commitment but if you want to make a second income online, you’ll be up for that.

Is matched betting for you?

As you can see there are a huge range of people from all walks of life taking part in matched betting. Why not join in the fun and create your own matched betting story?

Unlike many other matched betting services, we offer a free trial allowing you to see for yourself how great this technique is. You’ll even make a little profit on the side.