Five Athletes and Teams That Won Despite Longshot Odds Against Them

One of the reasons so many people love sports betting is they chase that dream of hitting a lifetime win. Betting on impossible odds and seeing the underdogs shock the world is a goal so many people have. The favourites tend to win, and gambling operators are savvy. But some miraculous victories in history have shocked the world and enriched some lucky bettors. 

Below, we’ll look at some incredible gambling underdogs that overcame incredible odds from sportsbooks to secure a victory, earning bettors massive payouts and etching their names into history.

Leicester City (5,000-1)

The most famous underdog story in sports shows that betting sites don’t always get it right. Leicester City opened the 2015-16 season as a 5,000-1 longshot to win the Premier League. There was no reason to suspect this obscure club, which hadn’t done anything of note and had been playing in the Championship, could secure a Premier League victory. The few bettors lucky enough to take this wager earned massive payouts as Leicester City stormed through the Premier League on a miracle run, comfortable earning their first-ever Premier League victory. It was a legendary win for both Leicester and all underdog bettors.

Greece (150-1)

Greece entered the UEFA Euro Championship as a 150-1 underdog, one of the lowest odds in the entire tournament. Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the other big names of European soccer have historically dominated the Euro. But Greece seized their moment, and bettors who wagered on them cashed in on unbelievable odds. Greece beat Portugal, France, the Czech Republic, and other more established soccer nations, cemented their victory and etched their name into soccer and gambling history. Their stunning win is still celebrated in Greece to this day. 

Buster Douglas (42-1)

When Mike Tyson was in the prime of his career, he seemed unbeatable. That’s why, in 1990, when he squared off against Buster Douglas, Douglas had 42-1 odds of victory. The undefeated Tyson had been knocking everyone before him out, and there was no expectation that this fight would be different. In a sport with only two competitors, 42-1 odds are stunning. Douglas’ victory that night is considered the greatest upset in the history of boxing. Douglas knocked Tyson out in a ferocious flurry of blows, winning the fight and knocking down the champ for the first time in his career.

St. Louis Rams (150-1)

The St. Louis Rams entered 1999 without any major expectations and ended the season known as the Greatest Show on Turf. The Rams entered the year with 150-1 odds of winning the Super Bowl, the lowest of any eventual champion in the NFL’s recorded history. Their quarterback, Kurt Warner, launched to superstardom that year, despite having been bagging groceries only a couple of years before that fateful season. Bettors outside of St. Louis would have been hard-pressed to see this team coming, but those who did cashed in on a massive payday that likely gives them lifelong bragging rights.

Atletico Madrid (50-1)

Atletico Madrid entered the 2013-14 season without many expectations. Despite boasting a strong roster, it had been a decade since any team other than Barcelona or Real Madrid had won La Liga. Those two teams were at the height of their power, with superstars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo leading world-class rosters. But despite their status as a 50-1 underdog, Atletico overcame a tightly contested battle to win the league by just three points. They overcame the longest odds for a La Liga champion on record and lifted their club to what might be the biggest victory in its history. They have gone on to repeat the task, albeit as a less big underdog.