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Top 3 companies where you can invest in fantasy sports

What was thought to be a simple concept made by sportswriter Daniel Okrent in the 1980s, the Rotisserie League Baseball evolved to become a popular term in fantasy sports today.

Now, fantasy sports services are earning a multi-billion dollar revenue since its inception, continuing to grow exponentially. From 2015 to 2020 alone, it earned an astounding amount of $7.8 billion, even with the current economic decline due to the pandemic.  

Hence, it is not surprising why many individuals are trying their hands on investing in fantasy sports. Not only can they relate to a specific sport and have fun playing it, but they can also earn massive amounts by carefully curating their strategies and game plans. 

This is a whole new environment when it comes to investing your money. But the question is: where should you put your money? 

The importance of trusted companies to invest in fantasy sport

Like managing your finances, growing investment is a technical task. It is a personal endeavor, which is why looking for trusted companies plays an integral role in a successful investment. 

It isn’t so different when it comes to investing in the NFL, or other fantasy sports, for that matter. It would be best if you looked for companies that will gain your trust and confidence. Not only that, but you should also get top quality service from their platform.  

It is easy to be bombarded with information, especially when you make an effort to research trusted companies to invest your money in.

Especially nowadays, many companies and sites offer and cover fantasy sports services. Hence, it is vital to look for companies that have obliged and followed state regulations and jurisdictions. 

Here, we have listed down the top companies both privately and publicly owned that you can rest assured are legally operating within US jurisdictions and where your investment is secured.

Recommended companies to put your money at

There are essential things that every fantasy sports player (investor) should know about, such as which companies are privately and publicly owned. Whether you choose one over the other, there’s no doubt that they are reliable and increase your primary investment. 


FanDuel is considered one of the most popular fantasy sports companies that offer premium and quality services for aspiring fantasy players. Private companies, such as Comcast, invested a staggering $11 million towards the fantasy sports site alongside Time Warner and Alphabet- Google’s parent company. 

These private investments made by huge companies prove that FanDuel is a reliable company. It is a trusted site that offers DFS draft recommendations from all sorts of professional leagues. Tons of fantasy sports players have already earned huge winnings because of their user-friendly platform. 


Founded in 2012 by Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman, DraftKings initially operated at Liberman’s house in Massachusetts. These three men, with a vision from years ago, have now earned them a multi-dollar company. 

Time has flown, and surely, DraftKings made an impressive growth that led to huge companies, like Fox, placing an astounding investment of $160 million in 2015. That’s only three years since their inception. 

DraftKings earned high integrity in the fantasy sports industry, which later got them an exclusive partnership with Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Soccer, the National Hockey League, and NASCAR. 

In late 2019, DraftKings, alongside SBTech and Diamond Eagle, came together to enter a business combination agreement. This agreement made DraftKings and SBTech become a publicly owned company. These credentials make them a reliable company to invest your money in while playing fantasy sports. 

Global Daily Fantasy Sports 

Global Daily Fantasy Sports is another fantasy sports service company that focuses solely on daily fantasy sports (DFS) and offers products that would let operators join the DFS space. This allows them to operate in flexible avenues to expand their audience while growing revenue. 

One of the recent acquisitions of GDFSI was in 2017 when they acquired Italy’s famous daily fantasy sports company, Mondogoal. They have solidified their position in the fantasy sports industry with this business move. Later, they acquired Playgon, showing credibility and reliability for any potential investors in the future. 

If you are considering investing in fantasy sports stocks, the GDFSI is the best platform for you. They offer the latest stock chart of the market that can help you track the current results. 


The world of fantasy sports has vastly evolved, which started from regular sports entertainment to a whole new level of money investment.

This development is unforeseen when it was first coined, but due to technological advancements, the fantasy sports industry has grown to be a platform for many potential investors.

Thus, looking for a reliable company is a primary factor to consider before investing in DFS. It is a vital key that can either grow or stunt the money you invested.