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7 Sports betting secrets your bookie will never tell you

Sports betting is a great way to make money and have fun. But it is also risky, especially if you are unaware of the industry secrets. Seasoned bettors have been uncovering them over the years of gambling. Understanding the odds, winning strategies, spotting the types of bets that offer the most value – there are many secrets sportsbooks don’t want you to know.

However, such knowledge will maximize your odds of winning real money in sports betting. You can always go to Canadian online betting sites and gamble on the various bookies listed. They include expert tips compiled to win big. Their features have been broken down to select your favorites easily. That said, here are seven secrets of sports betting that your bookie will never tell you.

Prop bets are almost always based on pure chance

Prop bets involve gambling on an outcome not directly related to the final score of a game. They are based on individual player performance or specific events during a game. This form of bet is ‘fun’ betting. They are less heavily researched or analysed than other types of wagers. 

These sports bets are placed on a wide variety of events. They stake on which football team scores the first touchdown. Betting on football gamers follows who has the most yards in a game, or which team has the most sacks in a game. 

While very popular in the football and other betting industry, prop bets appear to be “rigged” to favour the house. Even when bettors place a regular bet on them.

The true enemy is the cost of making bets

The adage “the house always wins” is one sports bettors take seriously when making a profit. Nevertheless, the real enemy in sports betting is not the house but the cost of making a bet. 

The cost of making a bet has two main components: the vig (the vigorish) and the juice. The vig is the bookmaker’s commission or fee for taking the bet. This is a percentage of the total bet amount. It ranges from 5-10%, depending on the sportsbook. 

On the other hand, the juice is the cost of placing the bet on football or basketball. It is a set amount applied to the bet regardless of the amount wagered. These costs quickly add up and significantly reduce a bettor’s potential profits. So, it is crucial to look for Canadian betting sites that offer decreased vig bets or find opportunities that need more vig.

Avoid staking on your favorite team – You won’t be objective 

Canadian sports betting is a compelling way to make cash. Nevertheless, remain objective with every bet to be successful. Avoid taking on your favourite team.

There are no guarantees. Even if you are a die-hard fan of a specific football team, they don’t always win. Fans often get emotional in English Premier League, Major League Basketball, and other games, which can cloud their judgement. It can be tempting to bet on your favourite football team but this isn’t a good idea.

This is why it’s vital to be objective regarding online sports betting. Look at the match and decide the better chance of winning before you bet on sports.

Too many bets is a massive risk

Too many bets are a massive risk and a surefire way to lose your shirt in placing a bet. The more you bet, the more odds there are for something to go wrong. If you make too many bets at once, you are spreading your risk and hoping that something goes your way. Nevertheless, the odds of this happening are slim.

Generally, it is best to stick to one bet or two at a time and focus on those with the most excellent chance to win on these gambling sites.

Buying picks is a waste of time 

Sports bettors easily get caught up in “buying bet picks” from professional handicappers. Allegedly, they have access to information and betting tips you don’t. You can increase your odds of winning by purchasing their predictions. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as buying picks wastes time and money.

A purchased pick is only as accurate as your own. Handicappers are as fallible as anyone else. There is no way their picks could be the most accurate.

New bettors may be tempted to seek such advice. The best way to win is to research and make informed decisions. This takes time, effort, and dedication. It is the only way to maximise your odds of winning real money.

Value is all that matters 

At its core, “value is all that matters” is a simple concept and an important secret to making a successful bet. It means that when you are betting on a game, look for the most value or odds. 

A sports bettor finds value in any bet, from a straight-up bet to a parlay. No matter the bet, if the odds, including Moneyline odds, are favourable and you are getting the most out of your investment, consider it a good value.

To win more, you must know 

One critical secret to winning more when betting on sports is to “know” the sport. Thoroughly learn the rules and regulations of the sport, as well as the teams and gamers involved. Knowing the sport gives you an edge over those betting without knowledge. 

Also, keep up with the latest news and information related to the sport. This includes keeping up with the latest statistics, betting tips, and any changes in the rules or regulations of the sport. It would be best to have a proper understanding of the different types of bets available. 

Bettors should learn about the different odds, including Moneyline odds, payout structures, and the various betting strategies available. This gives more clarity to the game and helps folks make more informed decisions when placing a bet.

Where to bet on football: Trusted football betting sites for Canadian players

Football is one popular sport worldwide, and betting on it is just as exciting. There are many trusted online sports betting sites for Canadian football fans. There are some of the best online betting sites for football here with a few things to learn about their entertainment features. These sites offer a wide range of betting options, from pre-match betting to live in-play betting.

The following are some trusted football betting sportsbook sites for folks willing to bet on football.

  1. 888 Casino: 888 Casino is an excellent choice for Canadian players looking for trusted football betting sites. This site offers an extensive selection of football betting markets, competitive odds, and a safe and reliable platform.
  2. Casino Classic: Casino Classic is another trusted sports betting site. It offers legal betting and an entertaining gaming experience. On this site, gamers enjoy various betting options. There are live in-play, competitive odds, promotions, and mobile betting. The site also offers excellent customer support and safe banking services.
  3. Cameon: This gambling site offers a wide selection of sports gambling, with competitive odds and safe deposits and withdrawals. Folks can bet on football, enjoy an array of bonuses and promotions, and access exclusive football content on this site.
  4. KatsuBet: If you are searching for a reliable online sportsbook for football bets, try KatsuBet. It has a wide selection of sports, markets, and banking options. The site is secure and licensed, offering bettors a safe gaming experience. 

KatsuBet also provides a range of bonuses and promotions to reward players for their loyalty, and players boost their betting account with them.

  1. Sportaza: With a wide variety of football betting markets, Sportaza provides a wide range of betting options and opportunities for bettors. The site is well-known for its reliable customer service and transparent payment methods. It is a trusted choice for football bettors.

Bottom line

Knowing the hidden strategies and tips your bookie may want to keep from sharing is good. You get an insight to making the best choices when placing a bet. 

Visiting a football betting site, understand how odds are set and the tactics used by bookmakers to gain an advantage in the sports betting market. With research, knowledge, betting tips and practice, bettors find success and long-term profitability.