Seven most important rules for successful sports betting

How can you win regularly when betting? Is there a betting strategy for sports betting? 

Everyone involved in sports betting has only one goal: to win. Preferably also regularly.

How is it possible? There are always tipsters who are successful with their bets in the long run and therefore even secure a nice second income in this way.

What it takes is specialist knowledge, a good nose and of course also discipline. The most important rules should also be observed.

These are the seven most important rules for successful sports betting.

1. Select the best betting odds

Basically, you can only make long-term winnings if the odds are higher than the likelihood that the result will occur.

Since the betting providers are now in tough competition, they are forced to compete for new customers, sometimes with very attractive odds.

It’s always worth keeping an eye on the different prices between bookmakers as there are always margins to be found.

2. Open betting accounts with several betting providers

The more betting providers you have to choose from, the greater the likelihood that you will always enjoy the best betting odds.

Therefore, it can only be an advantage to have a betting account with several online bookmakers. range of free bets can provide you with the latest free bets from leading bookmakers in the UK.

If you have selected a tip, compare the betting odds before placing the bet – every per cent more profit is decisive for long-term betting profits!

3. Place bets as early as possible

If you have discovered a particularly attractive price, place your bets on them as quickly as possible – you will not be the only one who has discovered this bargain.

As soon as the online bookmaker gets massive bets on it, it is usually only a matter of time before the odds are reduced.

Of course, the betting odds at the time of placing the bet always apply!

This means that if the betting odds are changed at a later date, this will not affect your bets that have already been placed.

It is therefore often worth taking a close look at the betting offer from the following weekend on Monday!

4. Take advantage of promotions from betting providers

Almost all online bookmakers offer an attractive betting bonus for newly opened betting accounts – pay attention not only to the amount but also to the conditions associated with the bonus.

But not only new customers, but also existing customers regularly receive special promotional offers such as free bet promotions.

Such offers are usually communicated via the respective customer newsletter of the betting provider or on the homepage itself.

5. Define your specialities

The betting providers must follow numerous sports and leagues in order to be able to offer betting odds on them – you don’t have to.

Determine your areas of expertise and get as much and as good information as possible.

If you focus on a few leagues, you have a good chance of having better information than the bookmaker.

In addition to tables and statistics, pay particular attention to current information regarding injuries, etc.

Collect the latest information from your area of ​​expertise – even the best bookmaker cannot always be perfectly informed about the thousands of games on offer!

6. Select the correct bet types

Sports betting has long been more than just betting on a win, a draw or a loss.

The bookmakers’ betting offers are full of different types of bets and additional functions that are intended to provide even more variety when betting.

You should be aware of the most important types of bets and special features – such as the Asian handicap, which offers numerous advantages – so that you can choose the right bet at the right time.

You can find basic information about the available betting options in our betting types section.

7. Manage the betting budget sensibly

Set a reasonable personal budget for your sports betting – the total amount may only be so large that you can easily cope with a possible total loss without personal restrictions.

Never bet with money you don’t have or need otherwise. Divide your total budget into small units and only bet on these small units at a time so that you can survive a losing streak.

Under no circumstances should you try to compensate for losses suffered by betting with higher stakes.

The same applies to winning streaks – don’t be cocky and stay true to your usual bets and strategy!