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Race/sports: Round robin as bet option in 2020 and beyond

Take a peek in any sportsbook, and you’ll see plenty of options when it comes to wagers, some
more simple than others.

Everyone knows the point spread and the totals. Most know what a moneyline or parlay is. But
there are still dozens of other wagers to utilize, and some are more confusing than others.

Take round-robin bets, for instance. When used correctly, round-robin bets can score serious
payouts. So, let’s look at what a round-robin bet is as well as when to utilize it.

What is a round-robin bet?

To put it as plainly as possible, a round-robin is a time saver. We’ll explain. A round-robin bet
allows sports bettors to simply set up multiple parlay wagers at once between two to six different

Akin to boxing a perfecta at the track, a round-robin simply parlays all the teams together. You
can usually enter up to six teams into the wager, depending on the sportsbook you use.

Keep in mind, you could enter all the parlays yourself, one at a time. The round-robin is actually
not its own bet. It’s just there to make your life simple and parlays all the combinations for you.


Let’s say you have three teams you really like. So much so, in fact, you want to bundle them into a
few parlays. They are:

  • Chicago Bears -5
  • Green Bay Packers -6.5
  • Cleveland Browns +13

To form a round-robin with these teams, you would enter the amount for each parlay. Then the
sportsbook would put together all of the parlay combinations as such:

  • Chicago & Green Bay
  • Green Bay & Cleveland
  • Cleveland & Chicago

Every parlay that comes in is paid out. Every parlay that loses is not paid out.

At what cost?

Many feel the round-robin is an expensive wager, and that is true. However, this is because it is
actually several wagers combined together.

In the above example, if you wanted to place a $25 wager, the round-robin will charge you three
times for the three different parlays. This is important to know before placing your wager.

All of the wagers are the same amount and multiplied by the number of teams you are entering
into the wager.

A high confidence wager

There is plenty of debate in the sports gambling community over what constitutes good wagers
and bad. Sharp plays versus square plays. At the end of the day, it’s really hard to say.

Some players hate parlays and consider them a sucker’s bet. Other players place parlays every
day and come out ahead. It’s really a matter of how you wager.

That said, there’s no mistaking that a round-robin bet is a high confidence wager. These are
parlays after all, and a parlay worth playing is tough to win. This is exactly why they pay out so

Discipline is key

The sports gamblers who are successful with parlays and round-robins are not placing these
wagers willy-nilly. These are well-researched wagers with plenty of value.

If you are using a round-robin bet, be sure to keep your amounts small while playing three, maybe
four teams. This will help you maintain the value of the wager.