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Reasons people play games

People have been playing games since the dawn of time, but what exactly do they get out of it?

What keeps them coming back to competing against one another time and time again. It is this question that we are going to answer in more detail in the following blog post.

Of course, we may not be able to cover everything right here and now, but we can certainly provide an overview of this fascinating topic.


People often look for a distraction for their everyday lives wherever they can find it. There is no doubt that games can provide this sense of escapism, which can help you to recharge when you come back to dealing with the issues that you are facing.

While games have become more complicated and immersive with the creation of next-generation video game consoles, you can still get plenty from a simple board game or an online casino that can help to transport you to somewhere new entirely. 


While some people like to play games for the simple escapism and pleasure of it, there are others who want to improve their abilities and reach the next level. Part of this may be down to a simple competitive spirit.

For others, they may dream of being able to make a living from gaming, which has become more of a realistic possibility with the huge advancement of e-sports and the type of big contracts that the top players can command. 


Many people like the idea of taking risks, but their real-life is just too intimidating a place to do it. However, inside the world of games, they can be free to take risks without suffering the same type of consequences.

You know that your character is always going to respawn in the event that something goes wrong. There is also the idea of taking more of a social risk.

This is simply because many people are intimidated by the idea of meeting people in real life, but via the medium of an online game does not seem to be quite as scary. 

Progress and achievement 

Games are designed in a way that offers you the opportunity to progress and improve your skills along the way gradually. As you move through the game, you are also recognized for your achievements as well.

There is a great sense of personal reward in moving step-by-step through the world and working to achieve a goal that has been laid out for you. It may be the case that this translates to even greater success in the real world as well.

As you can see from the diverse list of reasons in this blog post, there are plenty of reasons why people play games, and they can offer all sorts of benefits into a person’s life. Perhaps you have identified a reason or two which is not even on the list, but they are all certainly equally valid and worthy of consideration and discussion.