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Live football betting strategies – How to maximise your profit today

It goes without saying that football is one of the most popular sports for punters to place their bets on. 

Whilst pre-match betting is a great way to place your wagers, betting live during football games adds another level of excitement.

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In fact, thousands of punters wager money during football matches every second. But as I’ve explained in other articles, a lot of punters lose money at the hands of the bookmaker.

But surely there are certain live betting strategies you can use to maximise your profit in 2020 and beyond?

You’re in luck… In this article, we’ll check out live football betting strategies you can use right now.

Let’s get started.

Live football betting

What do I mean by live betting?

Live betting refers to any kind of bet placed once a football match or event has kicked off. It’s the same as in-play betting.

Live football betting

Thanks to improvements in technology and online gambling, live betting has become one of the biggest and most popular ways to place your bets.

What makes live betting so popular?

Football is already one of the most exciting sports in the world to watch live. But in-play betting takes it to a whole new level.

There are thousands of punters who wager money on live football markets every day. Whether it’s on the English Premier League or the Icelandic third division, there’s always some football to bet on.

However, not many punters can say they beat the bookmakers on a regular basis. But our aim is to change that using the following live betting strategies.

Live football betting strategies

Right, let’s get into our top live betting strategies to use during football matches.

  1. Do your research
  2. Follow the best tipsters
  3. Always bet with value
  4. Watch the game unfold

Let’s check out each of these in more detail.

Follow the best tipsters

Our first live football betting strategy is to follow the best tipsters in the industry. As I’ve written in other articles, it makes sense to let expert tipsters do the hard work for you.

This is great for a number of reasons but it means you have more time to sit back, relax and watch your live football bets land.

Unless you’re able to do a lot of research and you know football inside out, you’ll have a better chance of winning your bets when it comes to using quality tipsters.

I recommend you check out tipsters on the Betting Gods platform. They offer a great range of betting tips from high-quality tipsters that have a proven record of beating the bookies.

Here’s what existing members think of the Betting Gods platform. They’ve given the website a Trustscore of 4.6 from over 550 reviews.

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You can get started with Betting Gods for free today by clicking the following link.

Do your research

Another one of our key live betting strategies is to always do your research. You might think this sounds quite difficult during play and I agree…

However, I recommend you get all your research done before a fixture kicks off. That way you can sit back, enjoy the game and place your bets when the time is right.

Having more knowledge of the overall fixture and who’s playing etc. will only mean you have a better chance of winning your bets and coming out on top.

So what specifically should you look for?

Here are some things to consider when doing your live betting research.

  • Form of both teams
  • Team news and injuries
  • Management style

For more information on how this is possible, check out this article.

Always bet with value

Another key live betting strategy is to always bet with value. This is vital if you’re interested in beating the bookies and winning more football bets.

One of the great things about the betting industry is that there are hundreds of different betting sites available online.

That means there’s always better value to be found if you do your research and put some effort into finding the latest and best odds.

When I mean bet with more value, I’m referring to a few things. This is in terms of odds and the free bets and promotions on offer at various bookmakers.

You’ll always find different value odds at various betting sites meaning it pays to do your research and search for the most profitable odds.

The best way to do this is to use a site like OddsChecker. This allows you to spot the highest value odds and exploit them without much hassle.

Beat the bookies with OddsChecker

The same goes for free bets and promotions. The more offers you take advantage of, the more chance you have of making money.

Using these free bets, you can even make a guaranteed profit using matched betting. For more information, check out OddsMonkey.

Watch the game unfold

It goes without saying that placing live football bets is pointless if you’re not going to watch a match. This is the best way to make your own predictions about the outcome of the game and is what makes live football betting so exciting.

It’s essential to watch the match if you’re looking to profit from in-play football betting. You can watch fixtures on various different mediums including satellite TV such as Sky Sports or BT Sports.

Alternatively, if you don’t have these platforms, you can generally watch football matches on betting websites. Bear in mind that you may need to place a bet before accessing a live stream but it’s a great option if you don’t have an expensive TV package.

Live football betting strategies

As you can see, there are various live football betting strategies you can use to increase the chances of you winning more bets in 2020 and beyond.

Whilst it’s not possible to win all your bets, using the strategies mentioned above will certainly give you a better chance.

To recap, here are the live football betting strategies we covered:

  • Do your research
  • Follow the best tipsters
  • Always bet with value
  • Watch the game unfold

Which is your favourite live football betting strategy? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.