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Make money with bookies free bet clubs and matched betting

If you’re new to the betting industry, one thing you’ll be surprised about is the number of free bets the bookies offer. In the ultra-competitive industry of modern gambling, bookies have to spend £100s on gaining and keeping new customers.

We’re not an easy bunch. With so many different online/offline bookies to place our bets, we’re easily drawn away.

One of the most popular ways bookies incentivise customers is by offering countless free bets and promotions of which they hand out to both new and existing customers. To make things easier, we split these into two main categories; sign up offers and reload offers.

There are hundreds of these offers available on a daily basis which we can make a guaranteed profit from using matched betting.

In this article we’ll specifically look at ‘free bet clubs’ (a type of reload offer) and find out how you can maximise your profit from these matched betting offers.

Free bet clubs

Free bet clubs are one of the greatest and most consistent matched betting offers around. Most bookies who offer free bet clubs, give out free bets on a weekly basis!

As you’re here, you probably know that the more offers we complete with matched betting, the more money we’re going to make. It’s really that simple. The aim is obviously to find and work through as many promotions as possible. Free bet clubs make this incredibly easy to do.

Best bookies for free bet clubs

So which bookies promote free bet clubs and which ones are worth using for our matched betting?

Coral’s Bet & Get Club

Coral are one of the most popular bookies and they don’t need any introductions. For a long while now, Coral have been running a promotion called the Bet & Get Club. This promotion is restricted to existing members, so you’ll therefore need to sign up before making money from this free bet club.

Coral Bet & Get Club

How it works?

Before we start, it’s important to note you must opt in to this free bet club. You’ll then remain a member of the club until you decide to opt out.

Each week, the free bet club runs from Monday to Thursday meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to make a nice profit over the year. All we need to do is stake £25 between Monday and Thursday and we’ll qualify for our £10 free bet which will be credited on Friday of that week. We must use the free bet over that weekend.

As with most matched betting offers, there is always qualifying criteria to consider. In this example, we must place our qualifying bets at minimum odds of EVS (2.0) or greater. The offer also states that £5 of the free bet must be used in store and the other £5 can be used online.

This is a great example of a free bet club and one that is well worth adding to your matched betting schedule. Over a year, Coral could potentially hand out £520 in free bets to you. Using matched betting, we aim to extract about 80% of a free bet. So that’s £416 in pure profit from this example. How awesome is that!

SkyBet Club

Sky Bet are one of my favourite bookies to use for matched betting. They’re always offering countless promotions and their free bet club is no different.

Sky Bet Free Bet Club

How it works?

Once again, it’s important you opt in to the Sky Bet Club before you place any bets. This free bet club runs for a whole week meaning you’ve got plenty of time to place your matched bets. As long as you place your bets before the end of the week (midnight on Sunday) you’ll receive your £5 free bet the following week. The free bet will be valid until midnight the following Sunday and can be used on any sporting market.

We must place our £25 in qualifying bets at minimum odds of EVS (2.0) or greater. Your £5 free bet will then be credited before 7pm the following Monday. So over a year that’s another £260 in free bets that matched bettors can profit from.

Another great free bet club to add to your matched betting strategy.

That’s just some of the free bet clubs out there. There are plenty more, but this should give you an idea of how easily you can make money from free bet clubs. Whilst the free bets may seem small, they soon add up over a year. It’s these small, risk free offers that form a great base to build your matched betting from.

Qualifying with other free bets

It’s possible to qualify for free bet clubs by completing other free bets or promotions during the week. This makes the whole process more efficient and ultimately allows us to make more money from our matched betting.

An example would be taking advantage of a price boost whilst also qualifying for a free bet club.

Easy to complete

Another benefit to free bet clubs is they are incredibly easy to complete. There’s no need to continually check the terms and conditions like we would for new offers. Because we complete free bet clubs on a regular basis, we know exactly what we need to do. This saves no end of time.

If you’re interested in making money with matched betting, we suggest you summon the help from a matched betting site like The Sure Bettor. At first, matched betting can be quite a challenging concept but with hundreds of easy to follow tutorials, you’ll soon get the technique nailed.

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Thanks everyone, we’ll see you on the inside very soon.