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Five Different Drugs Found in Tiger Woods’s System

Tiger Woods, the former world number one golfer, had five different drugs in his system when he was arrested in May earlier this year. In his latest issue he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence near his home in Florida. He later blamed his arrest on ‘prescribed medications’ rather than alcohol.

According to ESPN, the five drugs included were Hydrocodone, the generic form of a painkiller branded as Vicodin; Hydromorphone, a painkiller known as Dilaudid; Alprazolam, a mood and sleep drug known as Xanax; Zolpidem, a sleep drug known as Ambien; and Delta-9 carboxy THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, in his system.

It’s not known whether he had a medical prescription for all of these drugs. Two of these drugs are prohibited by the anti-doping guide on the golfing Tour. It’s still not know whether he’ll be sanctioned by the tour or whether he had a therapeutic use exemption (TUE).

With regards to his driving arrest, Woods admitted to reckless driving and will face a fine and the completion of yet another rehabilitation programme.

Tiger Woods will undoubtedly be able to pay the small fine he’ll get however, this incident shows how far off the rails Tiger Woods really is.

Once Invincible

Tiger Woods was world number one for a total of 683 weeks and he last held this accolade in 2013. He once had a net worth of over US$1 billion and for a large number of years he was the one to beat. Using a matched betting term; he was a sure bet!

Just take a look at the record books and you can see how invincible Tiger Woods was. Below are a few of the most remarkable records he still holds:

  • Woods is the only player in history to win the U.S. Junior Amateur, U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open in his career. He won three of each.
  • Tiger Woods is the only player in PGA Tour history to win eight or more times on a single course. He has done it on three different courses!
  • Tiger is the only player since World War II to win a PGA Tour event four years in a row. He did this on two different occasions.

Tiger Woods was an absolute magician. It’s been a great shame to see him lose form over the last few years. As new young golfers like Jordan Spieth hit the scene and promise so much, it will be very interesting to see if anyone of them can usurp Tiger.

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