Betting on the NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is just weeks away. It is one of the biggest events in sports, and for those who are into sports betting, it’s an opportunity to capitalize on the market. However, many questions remain unanswered, including who will be the first offensive lineman drafted, where will Georgia’s Jalen Carter end up playing, and who will be the first wide receiver taken off the board? 

In this article, we will explore these questions and provide some early betting picks.

Peter Skoronski to be First Offensive Lineman Drafted

Peter Skoronski is a top-rated offensive lineman who could be drafted first. While the public is high on Ohio State left tackle Paris Johnson Jr., Skoronski has better film and tested as an explosive player during the combine. 

One advantage of selecting Skoronski in the draft is his versatility to play different positions on the offensive line. He has experience as a right tackle, and his size makes him a potential fit at guard as well. Considering the Chicago Bears’ upcoming odds, where they hold the ninth pick in the draft, they will likely prioritize an offensive lineman to bolster their offense.

By drafting Skoronski, the Bears can strengthen their offensive line at various positions and put their best five linemen on the field. As a result, this pick could be a smart choice for those looking to invest in an underdog.

Seattle to Draft Jalen Carter

Three quarterbacks will be selected in the first four picks of the draft, which means that due to their preferred quarterback option being unavailable, Seattle will find themselves with the fifth pick in the draft. Consequently, the team will likely shift their focus to the defensive line, the next highest-rated position in the draft.

Will Anderson Jr. and Jalen Carter are the two options. Most presume Will Anderson will be drafted before Jalen Carter because of his production over three seasons at Alabama and because he doesn’t have off-field concerns as we’ve seen with Carter. However, we think Jalen Carter is an excellent pick for Seattle at +500. 

His off-field concerns are not likely to be an issue for coach Pete. Throughout his coaching career, Carroll has appeared unconcerned about having players on his team who have been involved in off-field cases. Carter is a disruptive interior tackle from Georgia, and we do not see Carroll passing up the opportunity to draft him for his defense.

Quentin Johnston to be First Wide Receiver Taken

Quentin Johnston, the remarkable wide receiver from TCU, is a highly touted prospect and a strong contender to be the first wideout selected in the upcoming draft. He had an impressive season that included over 1,000 receiving yards and six touchdowns. Although Johnston didn’t participate in the combine, he recorded a blazing fast time of 4.49 in TCU’s Pro Day, which is considered remarkable given his stature of 6’3 and 208 pounds.

His frame is ideal for NFL teams who need a big-play receiver. Johnston’s speed, combined with his college production and NFL athletic upside, could be what helps him end up as the first receiver taken off the board. While some believe Ohio State’s Jaxon Smith-Njigba to be a slot receiver in the NFL, Johnston’s size, speed, and production make him a great choice for those who want to bet on the first wide receiver taken.


The NFL Draft is always an exciting time for sports bettors, and this year is no exception. With the first offensive lineman, first wide receiver, and Jalen Carter playing in the tournament, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the market.  Our three early favorite wagers are Peter Skoronski to be the first offensive lineman drafted, Seattle to draft Jalen Carter, and Quentin Johnston to be the first wide receiver taken. 

Remember, the NFL Draft is a fluid situation, and many things can change before the draft day. So good luck, and may the odds be in your favor!