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Best Golf Tipsters Available Today

Golf betting, a blend of excitement and challenge, beckons many punters seeking expert guidance to enhance their odds of success. In this comprehensive article titled “Best Golf Tipsters Available Today”, we will delve into the world of golf tipsters, exploring some of the finest names in the industry and the impressive results they’ve achieved.

Golf Insider

Golf Insider

The first in the list of best golf tipsters is Gold Insider, a tipster par excellence, who has consistently proved their mettle over a remarkable span of more than seven years. With an uncanny ability to spot winning opportunities even at significant odds, the Golf Insider has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to providing extraordinary results for their followers.

Having launched their tipping service in 2014, the Golf Insider’s track record speaks volumes about their unrivaled expertise in the realm of golf betting. Over the years, their astonishing proficiency has resulted in an astounding profit of over 2,000 points, translating to an incredible £20,000 profit for those who place £10 per point wagers. These exceptional returns have been bolstered by an impressive 30% return on investment, firmly establishing the Golf Insider as one of the most prominent figures in the world of golf tipping.

During our live trial of the service, the Golf Insider continued to surpass expectations, securing remarkable victories at odds as high as 150/1 and 50/1. These outstanding achievements further underscore their expertise and ability to deliver extraordinary winners consistently. The Golf Insider has undoubtedly carved a distinguished niche in the world of golf tipping, leaving no doubt about their prowess and potential for continued success.

The 20 Minute System

Although it may not fit the conventional mold of a typical “tipster” in our list of best golf tipsters, the 20 Minute System has displayed such outstanding performance that it undeniably merits its place on this list.

Created by Mike Cruickshank, a renowned expert in matched betting, this software delves into both exchange and bookmaker markets to pinpoint valuable each-way bets in the realm of golf. It especially hones in on instances where the place component of a bet exhibits better value compared to Betfair’s win and place odds.

The system’s operation is refreshingly straightforward, requiring a mere 20 minutes per week to identify the recommended bets – hence the aptly named “The 20 Minute System.” And the results speak for themselves, with a remarkable 519 points profit achieved in the initial 18 months of operation and an additional 302 points profit during our nine-month live trial.

Throughout the trial period, The 20 Minute System delivered awe-inspiring winners, including Thriston Lawrence’s triumphant victory in the Joburg Open at 200/1 and Luke List’s win in the Farmers Insurance Open at 80/1, alongside other notable successes at odds of 45/1 and 33/1. This is the reason we have placed it second in the list of best golf tipsters.

Golf Forecast

Making its presence felt on our list is Golf Forecast, a unique golf service that operates differently from the traditional tipsters. Unlike most services, Golf Forecast doesn’t rely on human form reading for its selections. Instead, it leverages the power of an algorithm that crunches extensive Shotlink data, compiling an array of stats on each player, and meticulously analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

When the algorithm detects instances where the odds on a player appear higher than they should be, that player is singled out as a potential bet. This data-driven approach ensures that the selections are based on objective analysis, removing any human biases from the equation.

What sets Golf Forecast apart is its incorporation of machine learning. The algorithm continually updates itself, learning from new data, and adapting to market changes. This ongoing improvement process aims to maintain an edge over the market in the long term, making Golf Forecast a formidable contender in the golf betting landscape.

Golf Forecast’s record speaks volumes about its effectiveness, boasting an impressive profit of nearly 1,180 points since its inception in 2017. With a remarkable return on investment of 40%, Golf Forecast ranks among the highest-performing golf services we have encountered. This data-driven approach and the utilization of machine learning make Golf Forecast a compelling choice for punters seeking a unique and highly effective golf betting experience.

Bookie Insiders Golf Tips

Making its mark on our list is Bookie Insiders Golf Tips, a tipster service that has undoubtedly made waves since its inception. What sets this service apart is its employment of a highly sophisticated algorithm, strategically capitalizing on pricing errors within bookmakers’ models, propelling it to the forefront of the industry.

Bookie Insiders Golf started its tipping journey with a keen focus on the top 20 market, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable. Since 2019, the service has amassed an impressive profit of over 350 points, showcasing the efficacy of their data-driven approach. This outstanding achievement translates to an exceptional return on investment (ROI) of over 23%, making Bookie Insiders Golf a force to be reckoned with in the world of golf tipping.

In a move to offer their members an even broader spectrum of choices, the service has recently expanded its offerings to include outright market tips. This expansion caters to punters who may have encountered restrictions in the top 20 market. By providing selections at both bookmakers’ odds and Betfair exchange odds, Bookie Insiders Golf ensures accessibility and versatility for its members. The inclusion of the Betfair exchange model has proven to be a lucrative addition, generating over 800 points profit in 2020, with continued profits in 2021, further solidifying Bookie Insiders Golf’s status as a premier option in the golf tipping industry.

Golf Betting Club

Last but not the least while discussing best golf tipsters is Gold Betting Club, which was established by Scottish brothers Duncan and Neil and traces its origins to their father’s love for golf journalism. Drawing from their extensive background of more than two decades in golf betting, the duo launched the Golf Betting Club in March 2020, a time when professional golf events faced a temporary suspension due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Throughout this period of hiatus, they graciously shared their wealth of knowledge by offering free golf bet tips accessible to all.

Leveraging their extensive betting experience, Duncan and Neil meticulously curated over 100 player profiles for some of the world’s top golfers. These profiles have become the bedrock of their success, granting them a competitive edge in the golf betting landscape. Year after year, they continuously refine, enhance, and expand upon these profiles, ensuring their predictions remain highly accurate and insightful.

The Golf Betting Club’s track record is replete with massively priced winners, making them stand out as a reliable and valuable source for golf tips. Their coverage extends to the main PGA and DP World (formerly European) tours, further solidifying their position as a prominent and reputable player in the realm of golf betting.