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What are the Worlds Most Expensive Sports?

Here at The Sure Bettor we love sport. Part of the reason is probably because we make money online from sporting events. Matched betting is a method to profit online by taking advantage of the betting industry which is mainly based around sport.

Sport is something that a great deal of us enjoy playing or watching. It’s generally considered a past time that is accessible for all, no matter what your bank account looks like. But, have you ever considered what the most expensive sports to get into are?

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the worlds top 6 most expensive and we think there are some surprises!


Not one that I first thought about when writing this post, although most boating is usually quite an expensive leisure activity. Looking into it, it totally depends on what level of sailing your in. It can cost as little as £1000 to get started on the cheap. However some boats can cost millions of pounds. So, overall a massive range for this sport. None the less, you still need deep pockets if you’re even a recreational sailer.


Horses have always been expensive, even in the middle ages when they were more common in society. Not much has changed. Horse riding is still a very expensive sport to take part in and one that can only be sustained by wealthy families.

At a competitive level horse riding gets even more expensive with some horses fetching more than £5 million! The reason horses go for so much is thanks to the huge winnings available at some events. As matched bettors we make a lot of money from horse racing thanks to all the free bets and offers the bookies promote.

Wingsuit Racing

Wingsuit racing is another incredibly expensive sport to get into. This sport is not for the faint hearted. It involves throwing yourself from a plane and using a special suit to fly through the air. A full ‘rig’ with all the correct equipment costs around £6000 however, the expensive part is getting into the air each time. You’ll have to pay a pilot, hire out a plane etc. Events such as the Red Bull Aces, where competitors race down a slalom course in the sky, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to take part in. It seems this sport is only accessible for those who are crazy and have thick wallets!


Hot Air Ballooning

A bit out there and probably not one you were expecting to read about but, yes, you can compete in a hot air balloon race. As you may guess a hot air balloon doesn’t come cheap. The average cost is about £30,000 although that’s just the starting price. You’ll also need a pilot’s license, like you would for a plane, which is another £5000. Overall an expensive sport to take part in. I think I’d just stick to a hot air balloon ride which would cost just £200!

Forumla 1

The pinnacle of motorsport is one of the most expensive on our list. To get anywhere near an F1 car you need to have either a huge sponsorship deal and effectively buy your seat or have come up through the different racing categories, both of which cost a great deal of money. To put it in context, an F1 steering wheel costs more than most family sedans.

The Whitianga Festival of Sports

The most expensive and crazy sport on our list. It’s really just an excuse for the mega wealthy to show off their motorsport toys and have some fun. I wouldn’t complain! It happens each year in New Zealand in the Mercury Bay. It includes helicopter racing, boat racing and car racing to name just a few. The cost to take part is ridiculous, easily into 6 figures. This is a sport for a limited few who have a thrill for speed and showing off and a wallet to support that.


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