What is Football Index and how does it work – Beginners guide for 2020

Football Index is one of the fastest growing football betting sites in the UK. With over 450,000 traders already signed up, the future certainly looks bright for Football Index.

In this article, we’re going to look at what Football Index is, how it works and how it’s possible to make money using the platform.

Let’s jump in.

Football Index traders

What is Football Index?

Since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming that you don’t know anything or much about Football Index and what the platform offers. For those of you do, go ahead and skip this section.

Football Index is a virtual stock market where traders can buy and sell shares in football players.

Whilst Football Index describes itself as a betting platform, in reality, it’s very different from traditional football betting sites.

Rather than betting on the outcome of a certain match, with Football Index, you stake money on the future success of a player.

That means there’s far less risk when trading on Football Index when compared to traditional bookmakers.

Football Index reviews

This is how popular Football Index is…

Football Index is not your average football betting company and that shows in their brilliant reviews on Trustpilot.

Football Index reviews

There are over 450,000 traders on Football Index. Why not join them today? You can get a head start with a £500 money-back guarantee.

How does Football Index work?

So how does Football Index work?

As I mentioned earlier, Football Index actually works very similarly to the traditional stock market. The main difference is that you’re buying and selling shares in footballers rather than stocks.

As we’ll see below, players also earn dividends for shareholders which adds another dimension to the Football Index platform.

As opposed to traditional betting sites, Football Index doesn’t alter the price of shares. This is determined by market demand.

In this regard, Football Index is more similar to betting exchanges rather than a traditional bookmaker.

Using your football knowledge

A lot of you reading this article may be football enthusiasts with great knowledge of players, teams and managers etc.

Wembley stadium

With Football Index, you can put this knowledge to the test and start buying and selling shares in order to make money online.

However, it’s important to understand that you’re not going to become rich overnight with Football Index, it will take time and skill to grow your portfolio. But it’s certainly worth doing.

How to make money with Football Index

So how do you actually make money with Football Index? Easy. There are two main strategies you can use.

Buying low and selling high

Just like the traditional stock market, the aim of any investment is to buy at a low price and sell on at a higher price. It’s exactly the same with Football Index.

The skill is working out which players are undervalued and are likely to rise in value. But with a great knowledge of football, this should be the easy bit.

Players rise and fall in value for a number of reasons such as:

  • Great or poor performances on the pitch
  • Injuries or suspensions
  • New contract signed

Check out this article for more information on picking quality Football Index players.

Earning dividends

The other method of making money with Football Index is through dividends. Players can earn dividends in three different ways.

  • Matchday
  • Media
  • In-play

For each eligible competition, players earn points based on the Match Day Scoring Table. At the end of each day, the top points scorer in each category earns a dividend. This dividend ranges from £0.02 to £0.08.

Players can also earn dividends through media buzz. This is a daily score that is given to players that are mentioned in the media.

Football Index scans 20 UK news feeds to produce the ‘trending’ footballers each day. On matchdays, there is one media dividend winner who earns £0.03.

On non-matchdays, there are three media dividends paid out. The winner earns £0.05, second place earns £0.03 and third place earns £0.01.

Football Index payouts

Finally, you can also earn in-play dividends. To earn these your footballer needs to score goals, get assists or keep a clean sheet (for goalkeepers). Here are the current payouts for in-play dividends:

  • Per goal by forward or midfielder – 1p
  • Per goal by a defender or goalkeeper – 2p
  • Per assist – 1p
  • Per clean sheet – 1p

It’s important to note that in-play dividends are only available in the first 30 days of owning shares in a footballer. You must renew your shares to be eligible for another 30 days.

Football Index paid out over £3 million in dividends during the 2018/19 football season.

Is Football Index legit?

Some of you reading this article may be unsure if Football Index is legit. In short, yes Football Index is 100% legal. It’s regulated by both Jersey and UK Gambling Commissions.

As we saw above, with the number of brilliant reviews that Football Index has received, you can be sure this is one of the most popular gambling companies in the UK.

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