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Evens betting – What is it and how can you benefit in 2019?

There are many different methods and strategies you can use to increase the profitability of your betting in 2019.

In this article, we’ll specifically look at evens betting and how you can use this betting strategy to win more bets and beat the bookies more often.

What is evens betting?

Evens betting may be a new concept to some of you, so here’s a little introduction. In reality, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Evens betting is the method of placing bets only when the odds are a maximum of evens. You may see this written as 1/1 in fractional odds, 2.00 in decimal odds or EVS. No matter what odds format you use, they all mean the same.

This betting method is increasing in popularity, especially with professional gamblers. It’s a sure-fire way to increase your profitability consistently.

The best way to describe evens betting is to imagine you’re flipping a coin.

Does it land on heads or tails? You have a 50/50 chance of betting the correct outcome and winning. In this scenario, you’d win the coin if you guessed right.

So how does this relate to betting? The principle is the same except you remove the guesswork and make an informed decision on the outcome of the event.

Why you should consider evens betting

So why you should even care about evens betting? Well if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for ways to maximise the income you generate from betting.

Evens betting is a great way to do this. As I mentioned above, evens betting can be a very rewarding strategy if you stick to it and stay patient.

Here’s the thing, you won’t be winning large amounts on each bet you place. The aim is to go for volume with this strategy. A high number of small wins is what you should be after. It’s therefore vital you stay patient and be in it for the long run.

So what are the benefits?

  • More likely to win regularly
  • As your winnings increase, so can your stake

More likely to win on a regular basis

As you’re betting on more likely outcomes, the chance of winning is much higher. Whilst your earnings are not as lucrative, you’re going for the volume.

Making money consistently with betting is not easy. The aim is to keep your betting bank balance ticking over. Winning regularly with evens betting is great for this.

As your winnings increase, so can your stake

One of the benefits of using this betting strategy is you can slowly increase your total stake as you keep winning.

The amount you stake is totally up to you. However, don’t get complacent when you’re on a winning streak. Whilst it’s a good idea to increase your stake if you win, it’s also important not to blow your total earnings on one bet.

Best sports for evens betting

So which are the best sports to use evens betting on?

In theory, you can use this strategy when betting on any sport. However, it’s easier when there are just two potential outcomes.

That rules out horse racing, greyhound racing and any other sport that has more than two potential winners.

Football, rugby and cricket are the most popular sports for evens betting.

Evens betting, a sensible option?

So overall, is evens betting a good option?

If you’re a frequent visitor of The Sure Bettor, you’ll know that our advice is to mix up your betting strategy. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and try different methods.

Evens betting is certainly one to add to your collection of betting strategies. It’s a great way to win more bets and is especially helpful if you’re getting back after a losing streak.

Whilst you’re not going to make thousands using this technique, it’s an awesome long term strategy that will pay dividends in the future.