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What is acca insurance? Best accumulator insurance offers in 2020

Accumulator betting is one of the most popular betting formats for football fans in 2020. So popular that thousands of punters place accas every week.

Over the years, bookmakers have developed various features and promotions to increase the excitement of accumulator betting. One of the most popular features that punters use daily is acca insurance.

In this article, we’ll check out what acca insurance is, the best acca insurance bookmakers along with how to profit from this accumulator promotion.

Let’s dive in.

Accumulator betting introduction

Since you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you know what accumulator betting is and how it works. But for those of you that don’t here’s a short introduction.

Sky Bet accumulator win

Accumulators or accas for short, are bets that contain more than one selection. Typically, accumulators have four or more selections. For your acca to win you need all the selections to come true.

Accumulators are incredibly popular as the odds of each selection are multiplied together to give the overall combined odds.

That means that potential winnings can be very lucrative. Here’s a great example of a lucky punter who turned just a £5 stake into £17,000.

Whilst this is a rare outcome for accumulator betting, you can see why this betting format is so popular. Promotions such as acca insurance only add to this popularity.

What is acca insurance?

Accumulator or acca insurance is a promotion where the bookmakers refund part or all of your stake should one of your accumulator teams let you down.

Ladbrokes accas

As I mentioned above, all selections in an accumulator must land for the overall bet to win. However, if one team lets your acca down, the bookmaker will refund all or part of your stake thanks to acca insurance.

Acca insurance is incredibly popular within football betting as it gives punters something to fall back on if one team lets their acca down, reducing the overall risk of their bet.

Best bookmakers offering acca insurance

So which bookmakers offer the best acca insurance in 2020? Let’s find out. Nowadays, most online betting sites offer acca insurance but not all platforms are created equal.

  • bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • Paddy Power
  • Betfred

What are we looking for?

Here are some things we’re looking for when picking the best acca insurance bookmakers:

  • Maximum refund amount
  • Number of folds to qualify for acca insurance
  • Minimum odds for acca insurance

We also take into consideration the overall quality of the bookmaker and what they offer. Whilst we’ve not listed a huge range of acca insurance bookmakers, you’re bound to find one or two you like in the options above.

Choosing the best acca insurance bookmaker is a very subjective decision and each punter has their preferences. For that reason, we’re not going to pick just one bookie.

How to access acca insurance

Accessing acca insurance is incredibly easy. Follow the simple process below.

1. Select your accumulator

Head to your desired bookmaker and select the teams you want to add to your accumulator.

2. Check the terms and conditions

To qualify for most acca insurance offers you’ll need to pick at least four or five folds (selections).

It’s important to consider this information when you’re looking to place your accumulator. You’ll find this within the bookmaker’s terms and conditions.

Talking of terms and conditions, you also need to consider the minimum odds that qualify for acca insurance. However, in most cases, selecting five-folds will meet the minimum odds requirement.

3. Place your accumulator

Once you’re happy, go ahead and place your accumulator. Now it’s a waiting game…

The best outcome is that your accumulator wins meaning there’s no need to take advantage of acca insurance.

4. Access acca insurance

However, let’s say that one of your accumulator teams lets you down. In this scenario, you qualify for acca insurance and the bookmaker would refund part or all of your stake.

How long does my refund take?

A popular question that many punters have regarding acca insurance is how long refunds take to show up in your account.

The amount of time your refund takes varies between bookmakers. However, it should generally take less than 24 hours. If it takes any longer, I’d get in touch with customer support and they should be able to help you out.

With the majority of bookmakers, your refund will consist of a free bet to use on another accumulator.

Acca insurance on other sports

Whilst acca insurance is very popular with football bettors, it’s not the only sport you can use this promotion on.

Horse racing

Other punters use acca insurance on horse racing, tennis and a variety of other sports. You just need to double-check the terms and conditions to ensure your sport qualifies.

How to profit from acca insurance

It’s possible to profit from acca insurance using a strategy called matched betting. If this is a new concept, I recommend you check out OddsMonkey.

OddsMonkey provides an all in one solution to help you make money with matched betting. I’m a huge fan of OddsMonkey. I and many other matched bettors have had great success with them.

I’m a big fan of using OddsMonkey and they explain everything in an easy to understand manner.

Being one of the most popular matched betting sites, OddsMonkey has built various tools and pieces of software that bettors can use to profit from accumulator promotions. It’s called the Acca Matcher.

What is the Acca Matcher?

The Acca Matcher is a tool developed by OddsMonkey which helps you profit from various accumulator promotions such as acca insurance.

OddsMonkey accumulators

The tool does all the hard work for you. It finds, sorts and categorises each offer and works out an EV or expected value from each offer.

This is the amount of money you should expect to make from a given offer if you completed it ten times. Unlike matched betting with free bets, it’s not possible to calculate a guaranteed profit.

Overall, OddsMonkey and the Acca Matcher provide a great solution to help individuals profit from promotions such as acca insurance.

Profit with OddsMonokey’s Acca Matcher

To access this tool, you need to be an OddsMonkey premium member.

This costs just £17.99. However, in my experience, you can make this amount back within your first few accumulator offers.

Alternatively, why not read our in-depth OddsMonkey review here.

Acca insurance overview

Overall, acca insurance is something that you should take advantage of if you’ve not already.

It gives your accumulators something to fall back on if just one team lets you down and it’s possible to make a nice profit using matched betting.

What are your thoughts on acca insurance? Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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