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Useful tricks for CS:GO that will take your gameplay to the next level

CS:GO is a complicated game with tons of elements to master. That is why it is hard to achieve considerable success or enter an eSports scene. But if you want to, you will need to train hard and consider many little details, like game config and devices you use. So today, we want to present you with our list of tricks that will quickly boost your gameplay and transform you into a fearful enemy.

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Use quality devices

Devices really matter when it comes to a better CS:GO performance. Almost any part of your actual equipment that helps you interact with a game can have a massive impact on your gameplay. The most important devices are:

  1. A fast PC. First, we will need to facilitate a smooth and consistent gaming process. CS:GO is not one of those games that demand performance from your PC, so a setup suitable for CS:GO will not be expensive. For example, a good old GTX 1050 ti will be enough for a solid 140 FPS+. 
  2. Headset. You will face thousands of in-game encounters where you need to know precisely where the enemy is. A good quality sound will help you much with that.
  3. Mouse. The mouse is basically a gun that we hold. And the more comfortable we are with it, the better our aim will be. You should look for a wired mouse, as it has lesser latency. Another essential part of the mouse is a sensor that should be at least 3310 level. And finally, examine the weight of the mouse, as it should not exceed 100g. 
  4. Monitor. The best monitors for first-person shooter games are those with a high Hz. A great place to start is to look for a monitor with at least 120 Hz. It will allow you to see a much smoother picture and perceive the game better.

Adjust your config

Adjusting the game is an essential procedure that is never ignored by pros. Start with adjusting your graphics. Make sure to turn off all the irrelevant details, as we are playing CS:GO not to enjoy a picture but to enjoy a level of your gameplay. A pro tip: you can set your resolution lower than needed to get a bigger picture, so it is easier to aim.

You will also need to adjust your crosshair. As there are so many little changes you can make to it, we would advise you to test what feels the best for you. An excellent tool for that can be this custom map, suited for crosshair adjustment. Remember that finding a good crosshair might take a few games.

Train your skills

It takes time to become a skilled CS:GO player. A general tip is to play more games and soak experience and knowledge. But if you want to train, let’s say you aim specifically, there are shortcuts. You can use community maps oriented for training your aim. Such tools will help you progress more quickly and get one-taps more smoothly. Luckily, unlike Valorant, CS:GO has community maps. If you want to discover more differences between Valorant and CS:GO, and find out why CS:GO is better, check this article

Another good way to achieve a better gameplay level is by watching how better players perform. Just a casual view of your favorite CS:GO streamer with a high skill level can teach you many things. Or you can examine a pros’ gameplay. Just make sure to watch carefully, and consider what each player does in a certain situation, what gun he buys, how positions himself in the gunfight, etc. 


In the end, we want to say that even though CS:GO is a complex game, it is more than possible to get your gameplay on a solid level. Just make sure to apply the tricks we mentioned, and you will get better soon.

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