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Trump matched betting – A look at some controversial betting markets

Donald Trump…

Where should we start?

I don’t think anyone believed that we’d ever be saying that Donald Trump is the US Prime Minister. It still doesn’t seem like it should have ever happened!

It’s debatable whether he’s up to the job but everyone has their own opinion I guess.

You can’t disagree with me, some of Trumps tweets and the way he claims all stories disregarding him are ‘fake news’, have been comical. We’ll wait to see whether he makes it through to the end of his first term in charge or whether ‘fake news’ or Russian meddling brings him down.

Trump betting markets

With all the controversy and uproar surrounding the Trump presidency, the bookies have taken full advantage. There are some great betting markets out there, some serious and some not so…

It’s always great to mix up your matched betting by placing your bets on different markets. This makes it more interesting for you and helps us mix up our betting patterns, throwing the bookies off our backs. That’s not to say matched betting is illegal, just some bookies aren’t so keen if we only take advantage of free bets and bonuses all the time.

PaddyPower’s Trump specials

PaddyPower, often keen on controversial marketing strategies, have some brilliant markets available. Here are a look at a few of the available Trump Specials:

  • A sex tape of Trump to be leaked online in 2018
    Odds 6/1 – In the wake of the Stormy Daniels affair story hitting the press, Trump’s sex tape conspiracy, has grown in likelihood over the past few weeks. Something is surely going to be leaked in 2018?
  • Trump to confirm he’s had some form of hair surgery
    Odds 2/1 – I don’t think anyone can doubt that there’s something strange about Donald Trump’s hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shuts people up by confirming what we already smile about .
  •  To grow a Hitler moustache
    Odds 66/1 – Whilst I think this is very unlikely, it’s still a very funny market for PaddyPower to create. I wonder how many takers they’ve had?
  • To surgically enhance his hands
    Odds 500/1 – Once again, a ridiculous market from PaddyPower. I’m not even sure how you prove this has happened unless Trump himself eventually confirms it.

Ladbrokes and Trump Specials

Ladbrokes are also jumping at the bandwagon and have a similar section designated for Trump himself.

  • Trump to be replaced as US President in 2018 – Odds 3/1
    Perhaps the most realistic on the list so far. There is ever growing support to get rid of Donald Trump. Could it happen before the end of 2018?

Not so much a special, but this one just goes to show how flexible the modern gambling industry is. An anonymous punter placed a bet of £500 at odds of 200/1 on US actor George Clooney to replace Donald Trump as US president. If they go on to win, they’ll take a whopping £100,000 home with them. Very unlikely but at one point Trump himself was 150/1!

Whilst there are a couple of markets that are quite likely, there are some that are equally not so likely. PaddyPower are really just taking the mick.

Matched betting on Trump

As we often point out, it doesn’t matter what sport or event we place our matched bets on. Using no risk matched betting, we make a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome. Yes, this is hands down the best, risk free betting technique out there.

Unfortunately, placing matched bets on these kind of markets can be quite tricky. To make our bets risk free and make a guaranteed profit from matched betting offers, we need a lay market as well as a back market. If you’re not sure what we’re on about check out our back and lay betting article.

Sadly, there are not usually such novel markets available at the betting exchange simply as there is less demand for them. However, it’s still worth keeping an eye out for novel markets. It mixes up our betting and makes it so more interesting.

What can I place my bets on?

If you can’t place your matched bets on any Trump specials, don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world.

The list of what you can place your bets on is endless. Head to a betting exchange, either Smarkets or Betfair and check out the markets available. We can place our matched bets on literally any of those events.

If you’re interested in making a risk free profit online, why not give matched betting a go? It’s easier than ever to start and you certainly won’t regret it. Sign up for our free trial today.