Top 3 Online Roulette Strategies To Try

In the world of online casino games, roulette might just lay claim to being the most iconic of them all. Red, black or green, roulette is laced with a sense of allure and mystery that few other games can match.

What’s more, roulette is one of the only casino games out there that truly responds to strategies, giving players the opportunity to wield control and bend the overall outcome of the game in their favour.

Even online roulette allows players to apply strategies, with players who play online roulette at Fruity King often doing exactly this. In this article we will offer up our picks for the top 3 online roulette strategies to try.

By considering the three principle roulette strategies, we will offer up some key information designed to let you give these a go and perhaps strike lucky!

Let’s get going with the oldest one of them all, the Martingale…

The Martingale Online Roulette Strategy

Easily the most widely applied of the classic strategies, the Martingale is one of the easiest to use. Essentially, people use the Martingale in a way that doubles their stake until they strike a win. So, if a player begins with a 20 credit stake and loses, they should place 40 on the next one.

This should be repeated until they strike a lucky win, when it is important to walk away with the recuperated losses and the extra cash generated from doubling the stake.

Naturally, casinos tend to place a cap on how much a player can wager on each spin so it is important to factor this into your thinking. If you don’t win with the Martingale prior to hitting this figure, it can be difficult to recoup.

Let’s take a peek at the next online roulette strategy in our list, different to the Martingale but equally compelling.

The Double Up Online Roulette Strategy

Another top online roulette strategy, players using the Double Up seek to maximise wins by multiplying the stake by two with each spin of the wheel. Conversely, it is vital to drop back down to the first wager after a losing spin.

This means that if you put 10 credits on and win, you need to wager 20 on the next spin. No matter how long this goes on though, dropping back down to 10 the second you lose is key for the Double Up to work!

The D’Alembert Online Roulette Strategy

The most contemporary strategy of the lot, the D’Alembert sits on a fundamental mathematical principle to work properly. The concept is that every spin is dependent on the outcome of the previous one, with gamers less primed to gain victory after a win and more likely to win on the back of a loss.

Basically then, you should lower the stake if you get a win and increase it if you do not. There you have it!


Naturally, gamers must always note that although these strategies can aid in getting a win, roulette is a game of chance that exists with an inherent house edge. Just keep this in mind at all times and never wager more than you can afford to lose!

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