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Tipstrr Review – Follow the Best Tipsters & Beat the Bookmakers

Our verdict

Tipstrr review

For me Tipstrr is the best platform for sports betting tips out there. However, there’s a lot of low quality tipsters on the network that you need to avoid. If you don’t follow the right tipsters you will end up hating it. This is why I put this review together. To help you get the most out of Tipstrr and beat the bookmakers.


  • Huge range of betting tips
  • Transparent tipster stats
  • Free daily betting tips


  • Occasional site glitches
  • Too many crappy tipsters

Founded back in 2014, Tipstrr has been around for a while. To date they have processed and verified over 4.7 million betting tips!

That makes them one of, it not the largest tipster network out there.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Tipstrr, it’s a platform that processes and verifies betting tips from professional and amateur tipsters.

Tipstrr is slightly different from other services such as Betting Gods in that anyone can create an account and upload their own betting tips to the platform. They’re essentially the middleman between tipsters and punters.

Whilst this has its benefits, it also means there’s a lot of low quality tipsters posting on the platform. In this article I’ll steer you in the right direction and help you select the right tipsters so you can win more bets and beat the bookmakers.

Let’s get started with our Tipstrr review. You can check out other top tipster sites here.

Tipstrr review

Popularity of betting tips

In the last few years betting tips have become incredibly popular with punters looking for ways to beat the bookmakers.

There are countless tipster networks and services designed around helping bettors do just that. However, the betting tips industry is notorious for its lack of transparency.

In an effort to gain as many new subscribers as possible, shady tipsters manipulate their data by altering stake size, number of bets and their profit etc.

Thankfully, this is not possible with Tipstrr. Everything is processed and verified by their software. So when a tipster uploads a new tip, the result is published on their profile no matter what the outcome is.

You can view key stats such as profit, ROI, number of tips etc. This information allows savvy punters to differentiate between high quality and unreliable tipsters.

All in all the Tipstrr platform is one of the most transparent tipster services out there. No more manipulated results!

Tipstrr review

Getting started with Tipstrr

Getting started with Tipstrr is incredibly easy.

Once you’ve confirmed your email address, you’ll be taken to your account dashboard. From here you can see updates from tipsters you follow, create and manage portfolios and alter your account settings.

Getting started with Tipstrr

If you have what it takes to be a successful betting tipster, portfolios are where you upload your latest betting tips and picks. You can add a bio about your betting strategy and customise who can see your tips with private, public and premium accounts.

Within your dashboard you can customise notifications to avoid your inbox becoming cluttered, change the betting odds format and alter your default max stake size.

Finding tipsters to follow

Now for the exciting bit! Following the best tipsters.

Finding tipsters on the Tipstrr network is incredibly easy. Simply select the sport you’re interested in from the left hand menu and Tipstrr will show you tips for upcoming events along with a range of the most popular tipsters.

Most popular football tipsters

There are categories for both free and premium tips meaning there’s something for everyone.

Whilst Tipstrr pushes premium tipsters across its website, these are some of the most profitable tipsters on the network and are certainly worth considering.

There are also some great amateur tipsters to follow but it will take some time to dig through the rubbish.

We’ll look at some of the best free and premium tipsters later in the review.

Before following a tipster it’s important to check out their profile. From here you’ll be able to see important stats and insights into their betting strategy, what tips they provide and how often.

These stats include:

  • Total profit – This is fairly self explanatory. It shows the total profit a tipster has made over the last 12 months
  • Profit per month – The average profit per month a tipster has made
  • Tips/week – The average number of tips provided each week
  • Avg odds – The average odds across all bets
  • Win rate – The percentage of winning bets
  • ROI – Shows the return on investment a tipster has made

Once you’ve found a tipster you like the look of, you can follow their profile. You’re then able to alter your notification settings for any new tips that tipster shares on the network.

In order to view tips from premium tipsters you will need to subscribe. The subscription fee for each tipster varies but generally costs between £10 and £30 per month. Most tipsters offer a discounted trial period which gives you full access to all their tips for a period of time.

Spot low quality tipsters

Whilst there’s some great quality tipsters available, there’s also a lot of rubbish on the platform that you need to avoid. Thanks to the transparency of the Tipstrr network it’s easy to spot which accounts to steer clear of.

Some tell tale signs to look out for are:

  • Accounts that were recently opened
  • Tipsters with less than 15 tips per month

Should you pay for betting tips?

With thousands of tips posted every day it can be difficult to know where to start especially when it comes to free or premium tipsters.

One of the most popular questions we get asked is should you pay for betting tips?

In short, it comes down to your budget and how serious you are at beating the bookmakers.

If you’re just getting started, I recommend you try out various free tipsters before jumping in with any premium subscriptions.

But once you get up to speed with everything, you’ll generally find the most profitable tipsters charge a monthly subscription. But with a few winning bets, the subscription generally pays for itself.

Best premium tipsters

A tipster network is nothing without the tipsters themselves. And there’s plenty of those available at Tipstrr. Here are some of most popular ones.

These tipsters are a selection of the best sports betting tipsters in the world and they have a proven track record of providing a high quality service and consistent tips.

Underdog Racing Tips

Underdog Racing Tips

ROI 47.7%
£2,980 profit per month

Professional horse racing tipster with a total profit of £35,744 over the last 12 months. Average of 30 tips per week sent via email.


4.5 out of 5

Best tipsters - Off the Bridle Racing

Off the Bridle Racing

ROI 45.2%
£2,668 profit per month

Professional horse racing tipster with a profit of £7,891 over the last 3 months. Average of 28 tips per week sent via email.


4.5 out of 5

Best tipsters - Footballer Tips

Footballer Tips

ROI 11.2%
£504 profit per month

Professional football tipster with a total profit of £6,048 over the last 12 months. Average of 42 tips per week sent via email.


4 out of 5

All tipster stats correct at time of writing

All stats based on £25 stakes

Underdog Racing Tips

One of the most successful tipsters on the network is Underdog Racing Tips. As the name suggests this tipster looks for ‘lively outsiders’ that return big numbers. So if you want the thrill of a big priced winner, this is the tipster for you.

With a total profit of over £35,000 in the last 12 months and an ROI of 47.7%, this tipster regularly makes the leaderboard for overall profit.

Off the Bridle Racing

A relatively new tipster, Off the Bridle Racing has got off to a great start with an ROI of 45.2%. In the short time that they’ve been with Tipstrr they’ve generated a profit of just under £8k! Definitely one to watch.

Footballer Tips

Another popular tipster on the network is Footballer Tips. In the last 12 months this tipster has recorded a total profit over £6,000 and a win rate of 43%. If football betting is your thing, this is the tipster for you.

Best free tipsters

Below are some of the most popular and profitable free tipsters on the network.

Nieder tipstrr


ROI 9.6%
£428 profit per month

Free football tipster with a total profit of £2,578 over the last 6 months. Average of 104 tips per week sent via email.


4 out of 5

Soccer Brawl tipstrr

Soccer Brawl

ROI 13.4%
£145 profit per month

Free football tipster with a total profit of £873 over the last 6 months. Average of 25 tips per week sent via email.


4 out of 5


ROI 10.1%
£76 profit per month

Free football tipster with a total profit of £580 over the last 12 months. Average of 18 tips per week sent via email.


3 out of 5

All tipster stats correct at time of writing

All stats based on £25 stakes


With a total profit of just under £2,600 in the last 6 months nieder is one of the most profitable free tipsters on the network. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Soccer Brawl

Soccer Brawl is another free tipster worth checking out. They’ve made a total profit of just under £873 in the last 6 months.


With a total profit of just under £600 in the last 12 months EGFO is another free tipster to consider.

What betting tips are available?

Whilst the Tipstrr network generally focuses on football and horse racing, in recent years they’ve expanded the range of other sports to include the likes of american football, snooker, darts and even esports.

There are hundreds of betting tips available on the network so no matter what you like betting on, Tipstrr will likely have you covered.

You can find tips on popular and upcoming events directly on the home screen or you can search for a specific event.

Tipstrr betting tips

Ease of use

The Tipstrr website is incredibly easy to use whether you’re adding your own tip or following a pro tipster.

However, the website does have the occasional glitch and can be slow to load which is very annoying.

The UX of the website is excellent with popular sports listed down the left hand side. It’s very similar to a lot of bookmaker websites that you’re probably familiar with.

One of the most important aspects of a great tipster network are key tipster stats such as total profitROI and monthly profit etc.

Tipstrr makes it incredibly easy to analyse the profitability and follow tipsters thanks to the user friendly layout.

Tipstrr profiles

Customer reviews of Tipstrr

How do other users rate Tipstrr?

It’s a mixed bag when it comes to reviews on Trustpilot with a total score of 3.1. Whilst the number of reviews is relatively low, I would expect the overall score to be higher.

Whilst this doesn’t match the brilliant reviews that Betting Gods get, it’s still a decent score.

Having looked at the reviews, most of the complaints are from users who are not happy with the tipster they followed and didn’t make enough money.

This is why it’s important to do your research before following or subscribing to anyone. If you follow the wrong tipsters you’re not going to make any profit at all.

Tipstrr Review Trust Pilot

Another reason some tipster networks get bad reviews is that bettors expect to win all the time – If they don’t they write a bad review.

It’s important to understand that following any tipster (professional or not), doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to win every bet. That’s not possible.

Following tipsters simply gives you a better chance of beating the bookmakers.

Benefits of using Tipstrr

Here are just some of the benefits of using the Tipstrr network:

Save time and money

Following tipsters on the Tipstrr network will save you a lot of time and money when it comes to picking your bets.

This is especially the case for any beginners out there who might be unsure where to place their first few bets.

Beginners often end up wasting a lot of money in the first few weeks of their betting journey. For this reason I recommend you follow one of the tipsters mentioned above.

Access expert tipsters

As I touched on earlier, Tipstrr has a huge range of tipsters available on their platform. Your job is to find the profitable tipsters which are worth following.

The Tipstrr network helps by highlighting some of the most profitable and consistent tipsters on the platform.

Daily betting tips available

One of the benefits of using Tipstrr over other tipster networks such as Betting Gods, is the huge range of tips available each day. 

As the network is open to anyone to share their betting tips, there’s a huge range of tips to choose from on many different sports.

Tipstrr overview

Beating the bookmakers is not easy. However, it becomes a lot more achievable when you get the help of a professional tipster like those on the Tipstrr network.

Whilst there are some low quality tipsters that you need to avoid, there are also plenty of high quality, solid tipsters out there. Do your research, read reviews and look carefully at tipster stats.

It’s important to note that nothing is guaranteed in the betting industry. Following pro tipsters won’t guarantee you beat the bookmakers every time but it will certainly help.

Why not get started with Tipstrr for free today?