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Essential tips for playing live casino games in 2023 and beyond

Whilst saving up for that dream car you’ve had your eye on, you may be looking for methods to help save up. One way some people make a bit of extra money is by playing live casino games.

The thing with live casino games is that you need to have a tight strategy to make sure you reduce the house edge as much as possible. We’re going to spill the beans on some strategies and tips to help bump up the odds in your favor whilst playing live casino games.

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Onto the tips!

Make the most of casino bonuses

This is one of the biggest tips we can give you outside of diving deep into each game – which we will do. Any only online casino you join will give you a bonus for signing up, as well as regular promotions. Only a few of these promotions are really useful if you’re playing live casino games. The ones you want to be on the lookout for include:

Deposit match bonus: With these bonuses, you’re getting a nice little boost to however much you deposit. This can be anywhere from 50% on top of whatever you deposit, to 300% on top and sometimes even more. Be sure to check the wagering requirements on these bonuses though, as live casino games often have a reduced weighting, meaning it’ll take you slightly longer to get your hands on the winnings.

Cashback on losses: Cashback bonuses are usually focused on table games and live casino games. You’ll be getting a percentage back on every wager you’ve made and lost over a set period of time, such as a week.

Bonus cash: Bonus cash simply gives you free bonus money or chips to play with. These bonuses are great if you want to try out a new style of table games, as you can play with none of your own bankroll at risk.

Avoid chasing your losses

This is one of the most common mistakes around when playing live casino games – knowing when to stop and accept defeat for the day. Any good gambler knows that you have both good days and bad days when you’re playing – sometimes the cards are on your side, and other times lady luck seems to leave you high and dry!

Whilst the games themselves can be an adrenaline-fuelled spectacle, like watching the Gumball 3000, you need to accept each game as it is and keep your head in the game, not getting emotional about any losses. Never play with any money you can’t afford to lose and set daily limits for your bankroll – a good guide is to never place more than 1-2% of your total bankroll on any one wager.

Tips for specific games

Live blackjack: You want to play with the tightest strategy possible. You can find plenty of different wagering and bet strategies online for free, with little cheat cards you can have open in another window to guide. Using a good strategy can narrow the house edge all the way down to 1%. Also avoid insurance bets where you can, as they drastically increase the house edge.

Live roulette: Again, knowing a little strategy here goes a long way. There are plenty of different strategies you can shoot for – including the famous Martingale and reverse Martingale. If you’re slightly more risk averse, then your best bet is to stick with the even money bets such as odds/evens.

Live Baccarat: It’s often stated that you should bet on the banker in Baccarat and that’s for good reason. On average, the banker wins about 53% of the rounds. Other than that little tidbit of advice, you can again find different strategies. You also want to make sure you’re up on the different terms. Overall, the game plays out very similar to Blackjack.

Poker: Poker is more of an advanced game, as there are a lot of moving parts. It’s best to learn the rules and flow of the game with free versions or video poker, then progress to low stakes to get a feel for playing with other players. After that you can move onto slightly higher stakes and who knows – you may work your way up to the big-money tournaments, such as the likes of Phil Ivey and become a millionaire!