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Tips for keeping your Dota emotions under control

Even if you are a newcomer to the world of online gaming, you surely know at least something about it. While such games as Dota are closely associated with human emotions, they often make us feel overwhelmed.

As a result, we have to deal with a feeling of anger and anxiety or happiness and excitement. If you eventually become a professional player but your behavior on looks like a ticking bomb, your bets can hardly be successful.

While you are into the game, you often want people to stop getting on your nerves. Similar to a real-life scenario, in Dota you cannot really control your emotions unless you have friends involved in the game.

So, what can be done? How can you possibly refrain yourself from being angry with everyone? Here are some tips that may work for you:

Admit your anger

Anger is something you often experience during your Dota routine. Sometimes it may lead to serious consequences if not being kept under control. As soon as you realize that you have some signs of anger, make sure it doesn’t go out of control.

One of the first signs is the fact that your thoughts cannot be fully controlled. Moreover, you cannot think properly, your body starts shaking, and your heart rate gets super high. Of course, symptoms may differ from one person to another.

Some could suffer from sweating, while the others experience dizziness. If you have utter rage ready to control your actions in the game, try your best to not follow that feeling. Being familiar with the feeling will let you gain some control and get away from the trigger until you calm down.

Take a break

While players spend hours with Dota, they often forget about having a few minutes away from the screen. If you choose to stay in the game despite the anger it has caused, you have pretty high chances of going to the next level. And you surely do not want that to happen.

When you feel like the incompetence or lack of experience of other players is irritating you, take a break. This will be the best piece of advice in such a situation. To banish your anger to the shadow reality, you may also call your friends, spend some time with your family members, or just have a snack.

Take deep breaths

The very moment you feel like cracking some skulls, don’t go overboard. Try to take some deep breaths in order to relax. Taking deep breaths happens to be a popular technique similar to meditation.

Try to be supportive

This could be the most difficult task to handle when you feel like strangling a person. If you lash out at your teammates, it can hardly help you sort out the things. If anything happens, it will only make them resent you, resulting in a bad relationship and even more rage.

By being supportive of every member of your team, you can respond to their bad and good performance properly. Constructive criticism always works better than throwing horrible swears their way. This kind of behavior won’t take you anywhere.

Remember you play for fun

Your road in Dota may not be bright and colorful all the time, considering the great number of different people joining the Dota game. At the same time, it’s important to remember it’s just a game.

You become a member of this community to do something for entertainment without affecting your daily life. When you realize it’s not that deep, you’ll learn to let things go and move to the next gaming session.

Final word

While playing Dota, you are about to experience the whole spectrum of emotions, both good and bad. This is how things work if you’re passionate about the game. But you shouldn’t be stopped from enjoying your favorite Dota game.