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The House Always Wins – Why Matched Betting is a Better Option

Are you tired of the bookies continually taking your hard earned cash? Well you’re not alone. The phrase ‘the house always wins’ is too common in the world of betting but we have a better option for you.

It’s a well known fact that the bookmakers continually beat gamblers in the long run. When bookies pay out a players winnings, it’s really just a loan and they’re likely to win this back later.

Gamblers don’t win. Or it’s very rare if they do. Betting is a rigged practice in which the bookies build their ‘house’ advantage into the odds. This idea puts a lot of people off gambling and betting as a whole. They believe it’s a shady industry where bookies dominate. However, there is some good news.

Not all betting companies are like this, however. Smarkets are one betting firm that are changing the industry for the better.

Who are Smarkets?

Smarkets are a betting exchange, a peer to peer marketplace where users trade bets. The stock market for bets, if you like. Smarkets are heading in a different direction to other betting firms. Their aim is to make the industry more transparent and trustworthy. Their CEO, Jason Trost, is a keen believer that the industry is in need of substantial change.

He describes the industry as ‘shady’ and there to ‘milk as much money from customers as possible.’ You can’t argue with this.

Overall, Smarkets are certainly one of the most credible betting companies out there and well worth signing up to.

How bookies are rigged to win

It’s not just about the statistical advantage that the bookies have over gamblers. It’s also about the mindset of a gambler. At points you can have everything go your way as a gambler, and you can win a lot of money, herein lies the issue. Let’s say player A goes on to win £200 from a bet. In a lot of cases this gambler will stake all their winnings and go on to lose.

Many gamblers are not happy with winning once. They use their winnings to bet again and again. This can work, and you might build your winnings further, but it doesn’t quench the thirst for more, it only fuels it.

At some point along the line, the bookies will win and the gambler will lose a lot of their winnings. However this is where the real problem begins. Once a gambler starts losing, they keep trying to win back the lost money. In the industry, this is called chasing your losses and it’s where the bookies make a considerable amount of money. Don’t let this happen to you.

Bookies are in the betting industry to make money. No business model can be fully based around luck, there is an inbuilt favouring. The house always ends up winning.

Betting in the true sense of the word is not worth it, but we have a better and more profitable option. Enter matched betting – a risk free betting method.

Why matched betting is a better option

Matched betting is a much better option than gambling. Not only does it negate the bookies usual advantage, but it also cuts out the risk of betting entirely. With no risk matched betting you are no longer exposing your hard earned cash to the bookies. ‘The house always wins’ is no longer applicable.

You take advantage of the bookies free bets and promotions they offer customers. This allows matched bettors to beat the bookies at their own game.

We use a risk free betting technique called back and lay betting to mitigate any risk from ‘normal’ gambling.

For more information and to find out how you can learn matched betting head to our start matched betting today guide.

Happy Profiting!

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