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Will Pilbeam

How did you discover The Sure Bettor?

As I’m a student, I’m always looking for ways to make a little extra money online that works alongside uni work and other uni commitments. A mate introduced me to The Sure Bettor saying it was a brilliant way to profit from bookmakers free bets and promotions. I wouldn’t say I’m a gambler, but I place the occasional bet on football games and I know how much the bookies love handing out free bets to incentivise us bettors.

What made you choose The Sure Bettor?

Once I knew a little more about matched betting and knew the basics of how it worked, I looked around for a website that would help me out. I advise anyone looking to start matched betting to summon the help of matched betting experts. It can be quite challenging at first.

After hearing about The Sure Bettor, I soon noticed they offered the best value membership. Premium membership costs just over a tenner but at other sites it was nearer to £20. The Sure Bettor is a smaller site, with less members, but I thought this would be a benefit due to having access to more of their expert advice and of course the cheaper price.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve received with membership at our site?

The first thing I would say is the customer support. At first I had no clue what I was doing, matched betting is not easy to start with. There’s a lot to get your head around. However, the support was brilliant. I could get in touch at any time and I’d always get a quick response with the exact answer I needed.

I also found the tracking feature incredibly useful. It records all the important information for you and keeps your matched betting in order. I also love the target setting feature. It gives you something to strive towards which is great for me.

Having looked at a number of matched betting sites since I started, The Sure Bettor are the cheapest out there. Considering this, I think they certainly offer the best value for money.

How has The Sure Bettor helped you reach your goals – financial and personal?

As I’m a student, the main aim for me was just to make some quick and easy cash to accompany my student loan. I wanted a little more disposable income so I didn’t have to compromise between eating or going out, which is a common problem for poor students like myself. I’ve also got huge debts with my parents and matched betting has helped me repay some of these. I first started with the aim of making about £500 a month, although this would vary with the amount of Uni work and other commitments I had.

The Sure Bettor has certainly helped me achieve these goals. On average I probably make about £300 a month, though I could certainly make more if I invested more time. It’s so unbelievably quick and easy once you have navigated the basics.

Why would you recommend The Sure Bettor to someone else?

I would definitely recommend The Sure Bettor to anyone else looking to make money online and even more so to students at university. It really doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about betting. The Sure Bettor have many brilliant tutorials designed to make the process as easy as possible. The sooner you sign up to The Sure Bettor, the better…

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