Seb Quinn

How I got started with Matched Betting

I first found out about matched betting when a mate pointed it out saying it was basically ‘free money’. I was skeptical at first and not really sure whether it would work, how much I could make and if it was even legal. However, I signed up for a month at The Sure Bettor and I’ve never looked back. I can honestly say matched betting is the best way for students to make money online risk free and legally, it works!

How easy was it to get started?

In all honesty I’d never placed a bet before so it was all new to me when I started out. However, The Sure Bettor is great at showing members the exact steps required to profit from matched betting through great video tutorials. It takes time to get the hang of and you won’t become a pro tomorrow but it’s definitely worth it once you know what you’re doing.

How successful have you been?

Personally I think I’ve been very successful with matched betting. I’ve consistently made about £500 each month thanks to The Sure Bettor. I know there’s the potential to make more money from matched betting but I don’t want to invest any more time. I’m happy with where I am at the minute.

What is the best bit about The Sure Bettor?

I would say the best bit about The Sure Bettor is the support. Whatever you’re stuck with, whether that’s using the site or completing a risk free bet, the support team are right on hand to help you out. It’s especially important in the first few weeks of being a member as there is quite a lot to get your head around. Customer support is clearly at the forefront of this company.

There are also other aspects to The Sure Bettor which need a mention. I love how simple the bet tracking feature is. It’s so easy to use and you can easily see your activity and earnings through tables and graphs etc.

Even for just the above two features I am happy to pay the small membership fee of £14.99 each month.

What advice would you give to guys just starting out or thinking of getting started with matched betting?

I would say the best piece of advice I can give to someone just starting matched betting is to take your time and follow the tutorials. Mistakes can be costly if you go wrong which is why The Sure Bettor has created step by step tutorials and videos showing you the whole process.

You’re not going to become a pro tomorrow, it will take time. But once you get there you’ll be making a great second income online through matched betting.

Join Seb and start making money online today.