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Technological trends in the gambling industry

In all recorded human history, men and women have gambled in many different ways. With the current boom of the tech industry, it is hard to keep track of the state of gambling today. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the recent improvements technology brought to the gambling industry.

Online platforms / Live tournaments

Gambling has become much more accessible and convenient nowadays. Especially given that you don’t have to go physically in a casino to participate in a game. With one click, you can settle comfortably and visit to enjoy all the advantages of being on a casino floor without going anywhere!

Indeed, Casino Range is an online gambling platform providing a wide array of games and tournaments. It also offers a how-to-play casino section with the best tips and strategies to perfect your game skills. The comfort of the entire ordeal has made online casinos more popular than traditional ones.

Virtual Reality

Do you miss the refined ambient of the casino floor? Are you still not ready or able to commit to commuting to the casino? Virtual Reality can accommodate your needs!

New VR technology bridges the gap between the old world and the new one. VR glasses allow you to partake in online gamblings and live tournaments while –virtually– providing you with the surroundings of a traditional casino! You can walk around the floor, order the drink of your choice at the bar, or smoke cigars.

Conversely, some Las Vegas casinos already offer lounges and rooms in which players can experience an immersive journey into their games. Understandably, some observers deem VR to be the future of gambling.

Smartphones / Apps

You do not feel ready to commit to VR accessories yet? Your old smartphone might just do. As you probably know, the more mobile and user-friendly an activity like gambling can be, the better it is for the industry. One has to remember the average user picks up their phone more than 1500 times a week. With immediate access to gambling on live sports and live tournaments, mobile apps or desktop versions available on smartphones understandably make the gambling industry today!

Artificial intelligence

AI is meant to be a fast-growing tool, and it is already conquering the grounds of the gambling industry. Scientists are training AI systems in casino games to master a wide array of games. The long-term consequences AI on gambling are not known yet, but casino owners should not worry: the machines are still not strong enough in multiplayer situations to pose any threat. One the other hand, casinos and apps can use AI to offer targeted content to their users.


Blockchain methods are also applicable to casinos. The cashless nature of online gambling allows the use of alternative currencies: now, some platforms offer to take cryptocurrencies. Depending on the situation can respectively bring their own lot of bonuses or rewards to the player.

In short, technology has made gambling much more accessible and efficient than a traditional casino, and we can’t wait to see what is next.