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Super Bowl LII – Who’s the money on? Betting odds and predictions

This weekend, we’ve got so much sport to take advantage of. It’s a matched bettors dream. We’ve got plenty of Premier League games, Horse Racing, Rugby 6 Nations and to top it all off, the Super Bowl on Sunday evening. What more could we ask for?

Super Bowl LII has arrived and the stage is set for the New England Patriots to defend their champion status and potentially equal a record breaking 6th Super Bowl title. They take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the 52nd instalment of one of the greatest and most publicised sporting events in the world.

The New England Patriots have undeniably been the best team during the league this season however, that means nothing until the clock has run down in the Super Bowl tomorrow night. The Patriots arguably have the best player in Tom Brady and the best coach in Bill Belichick, a combination that has led to great success over the past few years.

If the Patriots go on to win the game on Sunday evening, Tom Brady will have won more Super Bowls than any other player and will also become the oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl. Both of these are amazing feats only achievable by the world’s best athletes.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to get to Tom Brady. If they don’t, I feel this game could slip away from them. However, if they do get to the world’s best playmaker, this game will be very tight, making any predictions quite tricky.

Anyway, enough about Tom Brady. It’s a team game at the end of the day.

For those of you in England wanting to watch the game, it kicks off at 23:30 GMT and you can watch it live on BBC or Sky Sports 1 HD. To add to the spectacle, Justin Timberlake is performing at halftime which will begin at roughly 00:45 depending on how long the first half goes on for.

Super Bowl betting odds

The bookies all predict this game will be closely fought with the Patriots just edging it. It’s going to be a brilliant battle and I can’t wait to watch it.


New England Patriots – 1.50
Philadelphia – 2.70

Sky Bet

New England Patriots – 1.50
Philadelphia – 2.63


New England Patriots – 1.50
Philadelphia – 2.63

As usual, for such a popular event as the Super Bowl, the bookies are all offering very similar odds. This can lead to brilliant markets for our matched betting.

How to make money from Super Bowl LII

The Super Bowl is one of the greatest sporting events to make money from. To do this we use a risk free method called matched betting. In simple terms, we take advantage of bookies free bets and promotions to make a guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome of our bets. You may think this sounds too good to be true.

But it’s not…

It’s a proven method to make a brilliant second income online and this technique is used by thousands of people across the country. You can check out some of our testimonials here.

One of the key parts of matched betting is blending in with the rest of the gambling crowd. We don’t want to stand out and advertise the fact we’re matched betting. This technique is 100% legal but, some bookies aren’t so keen on it. That’s where mug betting comes in.

The betting scene in America is somewhat different to what we have back in the UK, but that doesn’t put people off betting on a global scale. The Super Bowl is still an incredibly popular event to place bets on.

This means the bookies are happy to hand out promotions and free bets to maximise their revenues during the event. We can therefore make money from these free bets using matched betting.

If you want to find out more about this brilliant technique head to our matched betting guide.

Thanks for reading and enjoy this weekend’s sport!

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