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Top Tips: How To Pick Your Fantasy Team Strategically

Tips & Tricks For Setting Your Line-Up

You may be thinking about many things right now. Super Bowl 2022 is nearly here, and we are already thinking about the next season. As well as money line bets, and Super Bowl prop bets, we are also thinking about next year’s play and picking out fantasy football teams.

Be you a seasoned fantasy sports professional, or if you are a newbie just taking up the field, there is always something new to learn. So, as we take to the fantasy scene again, and look towards the next year in sports, let’s revise some top tips for picking your team. 

Let’s get right into it!

Top Tips

We are here to guide you into making the best decisions on how you can get that perfect team for your fantasy football line-up and dominate your friends. 

Remember, consider everything, but enjoy it. Fantasy sports are meant to be fun, not stressful. Look at what you are doing, and do not focus on others. 

Running Backs – Often & Early

If you have done this before, you will probably know that running backs are key in fantasy football, they always were, but we kind of ignored it for a while. 

They are not unlike any other position, and talent reigns strong, however, having good volume is just as key. 

Considering your format, standard vs PPR-leaning is valuable, and in the end you are seeking out the best bottom-line setup with touchdowns and scrimmage years. 

Get good backups, it is key in making your portfolio diverse. Pick some who have well-defined roles for early on, and then some who will have an upside in the second half. Grab at insurance wherever you can. 

Elite Wide Receivers

Running backs have taken a lot of relevance in the scene lately, however, we cannot forget to get some standout wideouts. 

You need to know your tiers across the positions, as we see running backs becoming deeper, you want receivers somewhere prior to the third round. 

Start up with a good baseline of a tried game breaker in receivers, and it can take the pressure off. 

Tight Ends

Tight ends are getting bigger now, and with more epic tight ends out there. You either want a top tier tight end within the first 3 rounds, or you may want to wait and address the position once you have filled wide receivers, quarterback, and running back. 

You want to try and steal a top-12 startup at the perfect time when their value is at its best. Diving into the pool late can work for some, but it is a poor decision more often than not. 

While there are not many interesting tiers at the moment, you want to have the position in mind as you set up. It can work well to just grab one during the core of your draft picks.

Values At A Quarterback

Quarterbacks have mattered for ages, and now there are even more teams that have exciting options in this position. 

You may need to pay a premium draft pick to get them, although there is little wrong with assuming they will live up to expectations based on previous performance, you don’t want to constantly assume that they will always perform the same way. 

Savvier drafters may look for bigger returns from similar sleepers this year, but we better wait and see. 


We could talk about the specifics, name players that are great picks, but we won’t. There is more than just naming good ones and saying what you need to pick to have a solid draft. 

Strategy is key, you can have a stellar quarterback but if your draft picking has 0 strategy, you will probably fall flat. You need to know why, how, and what not to do. 

So, let’s ignore the stats, past predictions, and all the names we could throw out there and focus on strategizing your picks. 

Know Why

First of all, you need to know why you are picking a player. 

You could pick a guy you have heard of, and have an idea of his skills, and what his role can be. 

However, don’t take on a veteran Wide Receiver when you could snap up a valuable younger Running Back. You do not take a player on because his name is cool, or you support the college he went to. 

Make every pick matter and think about it. Are you in it to win it or what?

Don’t Be Manipulated By The Rankings

Okay, sure, you want to stay within the line for the most part, but don’t be afraid to run off on your own instincts when you see early draft results creeping in. 

Think about how you feel about it. If a player isn’t making you excited, then don’t take them. 

Only use rankings as guidelines. Listen to your instincts and draft your own picks based on how you feel. A fantasy draft is unpredictable after all.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Bye Weeks

You do not need to pay attention to bye weeks all the time. Unless two quarterbacks are off in the same week, then pay attention. It only matters in situations like this, but most of the time it doesn’t matter at all. 

The goal you have is to scoop up as much talent as you can, and then cut down on any conflicting availability. 

Of course, things can change so much, that a solid bye-week on the drafting day becomes an afterthought a few weeks in. 

Know your byes, so you can prepare, but don’t get stressed out over them. It shouldn’t be too much of a worry if you planned out your picks well. 

Don’t Give In To Temptation With Other Picks

As you draft, there are sure to be positions running or drafters going down the list. There may be plenty who fill up their starting lineups before snagging a backup. 

Ignore this, we aren’t in school, do your own thing, and choose your own picks. 

Ignore what everyone else is doing, and do it yourself with your own strategy and style.