5 reasons to start trading on Football Index right now in 2020

So you’re interested in getting started with Football Index?

I don’t blame you… The platform has become incredibly popular over the last few years and its popularity continues to rise as more people discover Football Index and the benefits it has.

Every minute, thousands of football fans are trading players on the Index. So why not join them today? In this article, we’ll check out 5 reasons you should sign up and get started with Football Index today.

Let’s check them out.

Football Index introduction

Before we jump into the bulk of our article, here’s a little introduction to Football Index for those of you who are new to the platform.

Football Index or FI is an online platform that lets you buy and sell shares in football players. You’re essentially betting on the future performances of players instead of betting on the outcome of one game.

Football Index home

Traders make a profit by using their football knowledge to select players they think will rise in value and potentially earn dividends.

As you can see, Football Index is an incredibly exciting and innovative model that is turning heads throughout the betting industry.

5 reasons to start using Football Index

Here are 5 reasons you should get started with Football Index today:

  • Alternative to traditional betting
  • A great test for your football knowledge
  • You can make a great profit
  • You’re in it for the long run
  • Join hundreds of thousands of traders

Let’s check out each of these reasons in more detail.

Alternative to traditional betting

There’s no denying that betting on football is still incredibly popular and exciting. However, you could say that traditional betting platforms are a bit long in the tooth.

Bookmakers like Coral and Ladbrokes have been around for nearly 100 years. Yes, there have been major changes in than time but on the whole, the betting model has remained the same.

Coral banner

What’s more, new bookmakers have just re-invented the wheel with a lack of innovation.

Enter Football Index…

Founded in just 2015, Football Index brings something new and exciting to football fans which is why it’s become so popular.

In particular, the last few years have seen a sudden rush of new users on the platform.

As I mentioned earlier, Football Index allows you to buy and sell shares in players in order to make a profit.

Compared to traditional betting models we’ve seen over the last 20 years or so, Football Index offers something unique and different.

Why not get started today with a £500 money-back guarantee?

A great test for your football knowledge

One of the awesome things about Football Index is that the platform rewards traders with great football knowledge.

What's your football knowledge worth?

So the more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to succeed with trading on FI.

One of the key tests is selecting players you think will rise in value. Obviously, the aim is to buy low and sell high.

For example, if you’d bought Jadon Sancho before he left Manchester City you would have made a great profit since his move to Borussia Dortmund.

Jadon Sancho

Easier said than done you might say, but this is all part of the excitement and is what makes trading on Football Index so popular.

Make a profit

Following on from the point above, using your football knowledge it’s possible to make a great profit if you invest wisely.

The question that everyone wants to know the answer to… How much can you make?

Unfortunately, I can’t give you a definitive number as it varies person to person. It all depends on how much you invest and which players you buy and sell etc.

Different strategies to make money

With Football Index there are different ways you can make money.

  • Player values rising
  • Earning dividends

The main aim when you invest in a player is that the value increases and you make a profit. The aim is obviously to buy cheap and sell high.

Alternatively, your players can also earn dividends if they perform well on the field or get mentioned in the media.

For more information on different strategies, you can use to profit with Football Index, check out this article.

All in all, do your research, pick players wisely and you could make a great investment trading on the Index.

You’re in it for the long run

With normal football betting, your bet will generally expire or settle at the end of a fixture. However, with trading on Football Index, you’re in it for the long run.

You can invest in a player right at the start of a season and keep them for as long as you like. All being well, your player’s value will have risen in that period and you will have made a profit.

Whilst it’s possible to profit with football betting, your bets are more susceptible to upsets and unlikely outcomes.

For example, you might select a top goalscorer to net during a fixture but in 90 minutes they don’t score once. Sometimes it isn’t their day.

When it comes to trading on FI, I don’t recommend you buy and sell players over short periods of time unless you’ve made a great profit and want to cash in.

Trust your football knowledge and skills and stick by your trades.

Join hundreds of thousands of traders

If you’re still not convinced, maybe our last reason will give you more reassurances.

Last but not least, there are already hundreds of thousands of traders buying and selling footballers on the Index.

FI claims that traders are buying and selling players every second on the Index and in 2019, £450 million of footballers were bought and sold.

This just goes to show how popular the platform really is. If it’s trusted by that many football fans, you can be sure Football Index is doing something right.

Why not join them and get started today? Click here to access your £500 money-back guarantee.

Why get started with Football Index today?

As you can see, Football Index is a very popular platform with thousands of football fans trading on a daily basis.

The platform offers something different from traditional bookmakers and it’s a great opportunity to profit from your football knowledge.

If you’re looking to make football betting more exciting, I recommend you get started with Football Index right now.

Get started by clicking the link below.

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