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6 mistakes that beginners make in sports betting

Anyone who bets must always reckon with the fact that the stake is lost because there is no guarantee for winning. Nevertheless, some frequent mistakes occur again and again, which are primarily made by beginners. The choice of the provider can become a real difficulty because there are constantly new betting sites and interesting offers on the market. 

Those who are entirely new to the scene should therefore first acquire basic knowledge before tackling the first tip. Fortunately, most mistakes can be fixed and avoided within a very short time. Here we show 6 mistakes that beginners should avoid when betting on sports.

Choosing the wrong betting provider 

The first and most basic mistake starts with the choice of the betting provider. There are numerous options on the market, but not everyone is good. Therefore, it is worth comparing the different bookmakers with each other first. In doing so, various factors must be considered. For example, how high is the new customer bonus? A fair bonus makes it possible to place first bets without financial risks. 

Bookies that offer free bets or cashback as a starting bonus are also popular. Then the bet is lost, but no real money was used for it. It is also important to take a close look at the bonus conditions. Does the customer have to place their free bets in a certain range? Is there a time frame set for the turnover of the bonus money? 

The fairer the bonus conditions, the more optimal the reputation of the bookmaker. Objects and neutral test reports are a good help when it comes to choosing a betting provider. 

No personal budget set

With all types of gambling, there is always a risk of addiction, including sports betting. But even without the signs of addictive behaviour, betting can become expensive. If you don’t set yourself a limit or a betting budget, you’ll be betting for large amounts and end up with an empty account. 

Personal bankroll and good money management are basic requirements for betting. An elementary rule of thumb is that no one should use money for betting that is needed for food or living expenses.

Furthermore, it is important that no large sums are bet on a particular game. Here, the guiding principle is that a maximum of 5% of the total betting balance may be spent on a bet. However, this only makes sense if there is a little basic knowledge about the sport. Simply betting is a common mistake that can lead to heavy losses. 

Focusing on combo bets

Combo bets are tempting because they make high profits possible. But there is a reason why even experienced sports bettors prefer to bet on singles. The chances of winning are higher, but the winnings themselves are lower.

Those combo bets are volatile because the chance of winning is lower, but the possible profit is much higher. The attractive betting odds are tempting, but the risk of failure is too often overlooked by beginners. A combination bet means that several tips are placed on a single betting slip. 

Every wrong combination can make a losing deal out of it. If six tips are placed in total, there is a high probability that one of the bets will not predict the correct outcome. This can have an impact on the entire tip, so combination bets are not suitable for beginners. 

Betting without using basic information

Soccer, table tennis, rugby, golf – the betting markets are becoming more and more extensive and there is a game to bet on at any time of the day or night. If the odds are right, it’s a tempting option. A big beginner’s mistake is to make random picks in the hope of making big profits thanks to the odds. However, anyone who bets needs at least basic information in the relevant field. 

An example of this is a soccer match between two unknown teams. If you are an experienced bettor, you need to analyse the form of the teams beforehand. Were there losses or victories in the last matches? Are there red cards that exclude top players? Are there any individual players injured? Without this basic knowledge, it is almost impossible to make a solid bet. 

Not choosing the best betting odds 

How much you win at the end of a match, if you bet correctly, depends largely on the odds. For most of the major bookmakers, the odds are similar, but not identical. In addition, there are bookmakers that have strong odds in soccer, but lousy payouts in tennis. It is worth comparing different betting providers before betting and always choose the one that offers the best odds. 

However, it should be noted that some bookies offer lower odds but pay the betting tax. Such a provider cannot be compared with a normal bookmaker. He has the better odds, but the betting tax is deducted from the stake. 

Bet on favourites only 

Those who are not regular sports bettors impulsively bet on their favourite team first. This is one of the biggest mistakes beginners can make when betting. An objective evaluation is hardly possible, since every fan gives his favourite team the better chances. However, whether there are actually good chances of winning does not depend on subjective feelings. 

Of course, it is desirable that one’s own team not only wins the game, but also generates a great profit. However, emotionality is a real mistake when betting and therefore should be avoided at all costs. 

Rationality is crucial for success, and even with rationality any bet can be lost. Experienced professionals in terms of sports betting stay away from their team as much as possible. They rather bet on underdogs or teams to which they have no personal and emotional connection. 


There are many beginner mistakes that can make the sports betting experience a negative one. Basically, every bettor must expect to incur significant losses. That is why it is so important to develop a system and never go over your budget. 

Only betting according to concept can lead to seeing positive results on the betting slip once in a while. Those who still have little experience would do well to inform themselves in advance and possibly expand their wealth of experience with free bets.