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Sports betting in Norway – What’s the state of play?

Betting is very popular throughout most of Europe and that’s the same in Norway. Whilst the laws in Norway are somewhat confusing, many punters still love placing bets on various markets.

In this article, we’ll check out the ins and outs of betting in Norway in 2020.

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Betting in Norway

Whilst most punters think that betting in Norway is illegal, this isn’t strictly the case. There are various loopholes and exclusions in the current laws that mean many punters and gambling firms can get around the laws in Norway.

Norway are very hot on problem gambling and any issues that come from gambling as a whole. This is one of the main reasons, the laws in Norway are so vague.

However, the number of people that gamble in Norway is still relatively high compared to other European countries despite the confusing laws.

There are two main betting companies in Norway which are Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. The two gambling firms operate in different parts of the market.

Norsk Risktoto is in charge of horse racing betting whereas Norsk Tipping focuses on lotteries and other sports betting.

Whilst these are the only two legitimate companies operating in Norway, there are many foreign companies offering sports betting in Norway. To avoid getting in trouble, companies have moved all their offices outside of the country so they’re not technically not breaking any laws

As the gambling laws are not easy to understand, there are various ways of getting around the rules. Since there are no physical bookmakers, online betting is very popular in Norway.

Online betting in Norway

As I’ve already mentioned, online betting is a popular format for Norway citizens to place their bets in 2020. In fact there are no specific laws against online betting in Norway.

There’s a huge range of foreign sites that offer punters in Norway the ability to bet online. According to some figures, up to 80% of people in the country gamble. This just goes to show how popular online gambling in Norway really is.

What do punters bet on in Norway?

So what do Norway citizens like betting on?

As with other countries in Europe, sport is a popular part of everyday life. Many people watch and participate in various sports daily.

The most popular sports are football and horse racing. However, it’s not horse racing as we know it here in the UK.

Norway horse racing

Horse racing in Norway is more like chariot racing than traditional racing. Rather than sitting on the horse, Jockeys sit in chariots which are pulled by horses. Quite a novel idea you’re probably thinking…

For that reason, horse racing in Norway is very popular and brings in a lot of interest from within and outside the country.

Betting in Norway

As you can see, betting in Norway is not strictly legal but not illegal at the same time. It’s a confusing situation that could be made much easier to understand with clearer laws in place.

However, this doesn’t stop punters in Norway. They still find a way around.

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