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8 ways to spend your $1 billion lottery prize

Apart from those who already are, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire? But if you do end up winning $1,000,000, how exactly do you plan on spending it? One of the best guys you’ll ever find is how Lottoland helps to visualize £1 Billion. If you want to elaborate on that resource, then stick around here with us in this article.

To tell you the truth, since it’s your lottery money, you decide how you get to spend it without catering to what other people have to say. Still, if you need some help on what to make a move with your exorbitant finances, just try your hand in any of the following. 

The Miami Marlins

If you’re a fan of baseball, you’ll be happy to know that there are only two big Major League Baseball teams that a billionaire can afford, including the Miami Marlins, that’s for $1 Billion or the Tampa Bay Bays that’s for $900 Million. And if you want to know what to do with the remainder of your money, that is $60 Million, we reckon you can buy over 9,600,000 hot dogs for yourself at Marlins Park. We do sincerely hope that Florida is to your liking. 

Chicago Cubs – $1 Billion

Another famous Major League Baseball team that you can own for the exact price of $1 Billion (if it were up for sale, that is) would be the Chicago Cubs. This legendary team has been active for about 150 years now since it was established back in 1870. This team is one of the only 2 last charter members of the National League. They were previously known as the lovable losers on the account that they didn’t win a World Series for more than a century.

222,000 Palomino Horses

If you like horses, then you deserve the best of the best in the form of a Palomino horse. These horses are some of the most aesthetically pleasing in the world. They are covered by Hollywood stars and royalty alike simply because of their lavishly divine coats. It is said that their coats are the color of a gold coin and are also renowned for their white mane and tail.

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

When you’re the owner of a billion dollars, the last thing you’d want is a regular, standard, or basic car that the common man can own. What you would want instead is something that’s not only expensive but can give you some good mileage as well. And one of the most expensive cars happens to be the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. The price tag on this vehicle is $4.8 Million because its exterior comes with a resin finish and is dressed in diamond dust. We would also like to add that it’s incredibly fast as it has a 1004 horsepower engine. 

118 Bugatti Hypercars

When the Bugatti Divo hypercar debuted, it was offered at a robust price of $5.8 Million. But why is this car so popular among esteemed car owners and enthusiasts alike? For one thing, this car can go straight from zero to 62 miles an hour in under 2.4 seconds and achieve top speeds of up to 236 miles an hour.

Although the company has sold all 40 of the limited-edition series cars, it only takes one lucky Lottoland winner to buy the entire collection. After that, you can get Bugatti to triple the price to the ultimate total of $684,400,000 for you to afford over 118 Bugatti Divos. That leaves $3,234,000 for speeding tickets and gas.

Pumpkin Key Island

If it is peaceful and quiet but you’re looking for, along with being surrounded by a vast panoramic view of Mother Nature’s wonderful works, then you need to head off to pumpkin key island, which is situated in Key Largo, Florida. According to Private Islands Inc., the island is in the Card Sound Bay, and is a 10-minute South Beach helicopter ride in Miami. 

The island comes with one main house that includes two caretaker’s cottages, a dock master’s apartment, and three bedrooms. It also features tennis courts and a 20-boat slip marina. 

Airbus A380 – $810 Million

Considered the largest passenger aircraft globally, the Airbus A380 is one of the best ways to travel in style. It’s no wonder it’s used by some of the world’s most renowned airlines, including Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and Lufthansa. It’s known for its advanced architecture design, also known as the IMA or the Integrated Modular Avionics, which is what advanced military airplanes previously used as well. 

The plane is known for its vast interior space that is capable of housing up to 853 passengers. One of these planes can cost an individual around $404 Million. But buying 2 of them can strike up the total to $810 Million. This way, you’ll have a backup plane on the side just in case the other one requires repairs or maintenance. After this, you’ll be left with almost $200 Million, which you can then use for runway, hanger, and fuel fees.

A Trip Around the Moon – $750 Million

If you always fancied yourself to be an astronaut, then for $750 Million, you and any one of your choosing can purchase tickets to travel around and back from the moon. This is an actual trip that is offered by a company known as Golden Spike. Despite not being fully funded as of now, Golden Spike still welcomes billionaires interested in traveling back and forth from the moon. 


So, as you can see, there’s plenty that you can spend your billion dollars’ worth of spending on. And if you’ve earned over £1 Billion, you can refer to how Lottoland helps to visualize £1 Billion.