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5 Simplest Betting Types You Can Use in NFL Betting

Winning is the first objective when you bet on any sport, including the NFL. It’s why you should pick the right betting type that is straightforward and give you a high chance of winning. An easy and beginner-friendly betting type usually have the lowest odds. 

If you are looking to bet on the next NFL game, you should be well equipped with the right knowledge to increase your chance and profit. Therefore, you might want to check out these five simplest betting types you can do in the NFL and boost your chances of winning. 

The Over/Under Betting

The over/under betting style is where a sportsbook will forecast a statistical number for a specific game. The bettors will then need to wager whether the actual number will be higher (over) or lower (under) the set number by the bookie. 

If you bet for over 4.0 means that for you to win, the score should be at least one point higher throughout the entire game. Many NFL teams can easily score above 4.0, which makes it easier to win for you.

It is advised that if you bet over/under, pick an over bet if the set number is low (4.0) and pick under if the set number is high (7.0). It will help you check out the NFL odds first before placing your bet on over/under to have a peek of which team has the potential to go over the set number of the bookie.  

First Half Over/Under

This next betting option is another variety of the over/under bet, the first or second half over/under. 

The rules that apply to this betting style are the same as the standard over/under. The only difference is that you must predict whether the team will go over or under the set number when the first half is done.

However, since this betting type has a specific time limit of one-half of the game, it could have a different outcome than what you expect in a full match. But if you pay close attention to the teams that are playing or if you know your team too much, the first time over/under bet can still be promising. 

The Double Chance

Another type of NFL bet you might want to consider betting on the double chance. This betting type allows you to wager on two probable outcomes of the game out of three, which are:

  • Home or Draw
  • Draw or Away
  • Home or Away

However, you must note that double chances couldn’t be used during the postseason games. Because postseason games couldn’t end in a tie, the overtime rules changed slightly to allow the game to finish with only one winner. Therefore, the double chance can only be played during the NFL’s regular season.

Draw No Bet

Another easy bet is the draw no bet, where you can take a risk on a specific team winning the game while protecting yourself from a possible draw. If you bet on this style, it will be automatically canceled if the game is a draw. Your money will be returned like there is no bet made at all. 

This rule makes the draw no bet easier to wager than the standard home or away bet. It is, however, one of the ways to get around a game if you think both teams playing have the same probability of winning. 

Moreover, it would be best if you remembered that drawing is only possible during the regular season. 

Betting on Both Teams to Score

There will be matches where both teams are equally aggressive and have an equal chance of winning. Therefore betting on both teams to score can be a reasonable decision. You can increase your chance of profitability if you do this type of bet on matches with two strong contenders. 

This type of bet combines both teams to score bet and the over/under bet. If you choose to go for this type of betting, you must predict both of the outcomes correctly. 

You should determine whether both teams will score or not and if the total score would be higher or lower (over or under) than the specific number set by the bookie for you to win the bet. 

When doing this type of bet, you should remember that different bookies give out different odds. You have to be wary and look for the bookmaker that offers the best odds. That part is crucial to achieving the result you are aiming for. 

Start Choosing the Best Betting Type 

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the top five simplest bets to make a profit, you will need to pick which approach you think is best for you. This way, you can have a betting type to create your NFL betting strategy and increase your chance of profiting.